Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 2014 #22

I spent a bit of time roaming through my photo archives looking for this set pf photos representing different approaches aspects of Cee’s challenge. I used to ride motorcycles a lot and travelled my local scenic roads. These are but a few of my most memorable rides remarkably close to the area where Cee lives.  The bridge shot was taken along highway 30 heading toward Astoria, OR while the other two photos were taken on the Washington side of the Columbia River along Highway 14. http://ceenphotography.com

Columbia River At Sunrise

Road 1


Remembrances In Front Of The Fireplace

My hosts had a fire going as we settled back in our comfortable chairs, just trying to breathe. We had saved room for dessert, sort of. There was homemade pumpkin & apple pie with french vanilla ice cream and real whipped cream topping. “Just a small wedge of each please, we all declared”.

Now there was no doubt we had once again overdone the eating phase of the visit. It was time to kick our shoes off in front of the fire. We finished the evening with rousing conversation about tecky things before packing up our doggie bags carefully prepared for both of us. We would not starve for days. :)


Happy Birth Celebration: Conrad & Tasul

Polar ExpressOn Monday, Dec. 1, the popular brother-and-sister pair turn 30 — quite old for polar bears — and keepers will throw a birthday party at 10 a.m. that day with treats and enrichment items that encourage the bears to exercise and think critically.

Smash - This - Barrell

Kya’s Cubs Sighted

Kya’s cubs begin to explore the zoo’s outdoor lion habitat, but no viewing hours are set


The playful trio enjoyed some outside family time yesterday as keepers took advantage of the dry weather to get the cubs acquainted with their new space. The cubs might be out from time to time now, weather permitting, but keepers say their official public debut may have to wait for spring, when they’re a little bigger and temperatures have started to rise.

“Visitors might catch glimpses of the cubs in the coming weeks, but all the conditions need to be just right,” said Laura Weiner, senior keeper of the zoo’s Africa area. “The animals’ welfare is the guiding principle. Right now, we’re only considering days when it’s dry outside and close to 50 degrees. Whenever possible, we’ll post updates on Facebook and the zoo website to let people know.”

Before letting the cubs into the outdoor space, keepers spent a little time “baby-proofing” it — draining the pool and lining the bottom of the moat with straw bedding.

The three cubs — named Hasani, Mashavu and Niara — have been living in a private maternity den and spending some time in a behind-the-scenes outdoor space since their birth Sept. 8 to Kya, a first-time mom.The zoo’s three adult lions — Kya, Zawadi and Neka — came to the Oregon Zoo in 2009 based on a breeding recommendation by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan for African lions. The AZA has established Species Survival Plans for many threatened or endangered species — cooperative breeding programs that help create genetically diverse, self-sustaining populations to guarantee the long-term future of animals. These SSPs also support relevant field projects, research and public education to help prevent animal endangerment and extinction.

“Just two decades ago, lions were plentiful in much of Africa,” Weiner said. “But today they are vanishing at alarming rates. The wild lion population is estimated to have dropped by 75 percent since 1990. Hopefully, we can start a new chapter in lion conservation.”

Last month, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed listing African lions as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, noting that they are in danger of extinction due to habitat loss, loss of prey base and increased conflict with humans. The Oregon Zoo supports Living with Lions, a conservation research group working to protect Africa’s dwindling lion populations by employing Maasai warriors to monitor and help reduce human conflict with predators.

Christmas Shopping

I’ve never said I was sane or did thing the traditional way. I just placed an order for a special gift to a special pair of friends. I like to taylor my gifts to the individual rather than buy a gift certificate or give cash. Understand I give gift certificate and cash when the circumstance warrants it but I still like that personal touch. Signed prints of some of my favorite photographs are hanging on many walls throughout the world. Some are family portraits I used to take professionally. Some are wedding albums cherished for decades. Some are children’s portraits taken in my church nursery years ago. I’ve been at this photography thing a long time.

Today’s modern technology allows for special print processing. I just ordered a favorite animal photograph printed on metal for dear friends. I ordered it early enough so that if I’m not satisfied with the resuling job I still have time to correct it.

A few years ago I had no money for Christmas gifts. I was recently laid off and living on unemployment checks. I dug through my photograph collection and came up with enough finished prints to give my senior friends their choice of several large animal prints. I’ll always remember how much fun they had taking turns making their selections. I’m still not rich but I have saved for this year’s gifts and have enough to fill my small list. It’s the best that I can do.

Below is a copy of the metal print I’m having made.


Sharpie & Nodine: Ready For The Holidays

The Oregon Zoo’s two porcupines, Sharpie & Nodine, are some of my favorite animals on exhibit. They waddle around together looking for the vegetables the zoo staff leave for them outside in their woodsy habitat. I think they have the cutest nose and kindest eyes of any animals at the zoo. That’s quite a statement when you consider the competition of Boris the Amur Leopard and the river otters. :)

Sharpie & Nodine 4

Calling Uncle Who?

http://teepee12.com/2014/11/25/uncle-who is a post on Marilyn Armstrong’s blog: http://teepee12.com/author/teepee12. She referred to that mysterious character known as “Uncle Bob”. This represents the uncle that you call when you have computer problems, knowing that good old Uncle Bob can give you answers when nobody else can.

In real life I’ve always been Uncle Bob, the guru my sister, brother, nieces and friends called for that computer help. I got involved with personal computers way back in 1981 when the first IBM PC, with (2) 5-1/4″ floppy drives, an 8088 CPU and a whopping 256K RAM with RGB 13″ monitor & Epson dot matrix FX100 printer would set you back $4800. I bought my first one through the employee purchase program at McDonnell Aircraft in St. Louis, MO. My payments were deducted from my payroll check each week. Imagine what kind of computer you could buy today for that $4800? Wowser!

I volunteered to join the initial task team McDonnell Douglas assembled to teach their 45,000 employees the personal computer. Mine was a basic model without a hard drive. That came later with the IBM XT model that was purchased with a 10 Meg hard drive and one floppy drive. Back then all your software fit on a single floppy disk including your DOS 1.0 operating system. Those were the good old days. It wasn’t long before there were competitors for the home computer market. Tandy Corporation, parent company to Radio Shack, came out with the Tandy 1000. I know because my brother, Ed, bought one. Guess who he called to teach him how to use it ? That’s right, good old Uncle Bob.

Through the years I’ve owned too many computers to remember. I used to build my own for quite a few years until the price dropped so low it no longer made sense to do so. I actually finished my working career at Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, OR making their famous computer chips for personal computers. One of the perks of doing so was a free CPU chip to build the biggest, baddest computer on anyone’s desktop. They gave us their fastest chip every year for free. All you had to do is buy the appropriate motherboard and peripherals and build a computer around that chip. I did.

In 2010 I retired from Intel when they closed Ronler Acres, the fab where I had been building computer chips. The fab and it’s 900 employees had become obsolete. It was time for Uncle Bob to be put out to pasture. One of the first things I did with my separation bonus was buy a brand new computer, an iMac Apple desktop with a fast Intel processor and 21.5″ incredible monitor. I’ve never looked back to IBM style Windows computers. In fact, I tell my friends and relatives that if they simply bought a Mac they wouldn’t need Uncle Bob. :)

Digging through my photo archives I put the photo I took when I moved to Oregon 9 years ago next to a recent selfie. I be looking pretty old these days but I still have my classic smile/smirk on my face. I inherited that from my German toothless mother. I’m still wearing that old flannel robe, a gift from my best friend in South Carolina, as I sit here. LOL

Bob After 9 Years

My Connection To Ferguson, MO

I’ve been watching the developments in Ferguson, MO closely as I lived in Ferguson for 8 years. The intersection of Chambers & W. Florissant Rd was just a few blocks from my house on 422 Averill Ave. I was glad the grand jury didn’t indict the officer involved as the evidence was overwhelmingly in his favor. You can’t handcuff officers by removing their right to use deadly force while protecting themselves. Below is a Google Earth overhead map showing the infamous intersection and my old home circled in red. That’s way too close. The large white building close to my house is a school with a big empty parking lot where I taught my wife to ride a motorcycle.

There’s a huge protest rally going on as I type this in downtown Portland. It’s a peaceful rally of over 2,000 people.

I remember an incident at the DMV in Ferguson when I lived there. It was a hot Summer day and there was no air conditioning then. The door to the sidewalk was open and people were in line all the way out that door. Suddenly 6 black gang bangers pushed their way through the entrance and waltzed right to the front of the line. They announced they were cutting in and asked if anyone minded. With that a large black woman with a baby on her hip walked up to the sawed off punk leader who asked the question, grabbed him by the neck and threw him out the front door on the sidewalk. She proclaimed she’d been waiting in line for over an hour and no punk n***** was going to cut in front of her. With that the crowd erupted in applause. We’ve had issues with punks for years in Ferguson but there are plenty of good folks living there as well.

There are gang bangers, looters and hate mongers coming to Ferguson from all over the country. Even some from the West Coast have arrived just to burn and pillage the businesses, destroy public property and burn police cars. Why did the 700 National Guard troops allow that? Didn’t they issue them bullets?


Evil Monster Stare

Yes Tommy, there ARE monsters! That sounds like a line right out of a cheap “B” grade Saturday night monster flick. Everyone’s idea of what a monster is can and is different. Put a flashlight lower than your face and you become a monster. The photo below is creepy to some and beautiful to lovers of all things reptile.

Vigilant 2