A Good Day For Stellar Jay Photos

The stellar jay family lives along a pathway at the Oregon Zoo. Today a very large male flew right in front of the path I was walking and proceeded to hop up on a fencepost as if to invite me to photograph him. I managed 5-6 shots after tracking him down and getting him to look my way. Here are the best two shots of the bunch.

Stellar Jay 08

Stellar Jay 09

Kia On Her Upper Perch

I was at the zoo years ago when groundskeepers built the wooden perches for the leopards. They are animals that instinctively hunt from the trees or higher ground so you’ll often find them on one of the 3-4 perches they built that day. I bent down to shoot between the branches to get this shot of Kia today. She was watching me go through my gyrations to bend this old body to accomplish this. She kept her eyes on me the entire time, probably getting a chuckle out of it all. :)

Kia 09


The Cubs: Posing For Their Portraits

As our first batch of cubs approach their first birthday on September 7th, “Auntie” Kya is in seclusion waiting for her first litter to be born. I can’t wait to see the newborns join the pride and see how everybody gets along. It’s a small outside environment so it could prove difficult to squeeze in everybody. We anxiously await the new arrivals. The baby watch has begun.

Kamali & Her Sister

Two Cubs On A Tree

2nd Hummingbird Attempt

Ok, so I think I’ve got this technique down pat. You crank your ISI to 6400, set your F-stop to F/5.6, and you’ve got 1/320″ to stop that bird in his/her tracks. It works for me after taking 6-12 shots at 3 frames per second. It helps to prefocus on the hummingbird feeder.

Hummingbird 02

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s A Bunny Rabbit!

I couldn’t believe my eyes while walking the paths of the zoo today. Not only one but two cute baby bunny rabbits were eating greens just off that path. A batch of teens stopped as everyone awed and admire the little bunnies. They seemed to go into their instinctive freeze mode before finally moving on. It all lasted 20-30 seconds, more than enough time for me to get several shots. Here’s the best one.

Bunny 01

Sparrows Are Cool

I’ve noticed I’mm adding quite a few photos of sparrows to my bird collection. They’re everywhere in the Portland area but not that easy to catch standing still long enough to get a decent picture. That’s why I try to catch them just right so I can snap a few frames.

Sparrow 09