Resident Local Birds

It doesn’t surprise me that not all species of birds have headed South for the Winter. Our Zoo’s resident familes of jays are still with us along with the ever present sparrows.

Stellar Jay 13

Sparrow 10

Last Of The Leaves Still Hanging On

We’re out of that Polar Vortex thing that brought the entire country an early Wintery blast. It’s 100% rain today with high probabilities for the remainder of this weekend. Still there are a few of the tougher leaves refusing to give up the ghost this Autumn. They are speckled with color and detail making them candidate for late season photographs. It’s been a banner year.

Big Leaf Red Stem

Big Leaf Small Stem 2

Fishing In The Sky

Yup, that’s what it’s going to be like for the next week or more. The heavens have opened up and the rain is coming. It’s starting today with just a 50%-60% chance but as of tomorrow it changes to 100%. Those are pretty good odds for rain. I have the McDonald’s get together tomorrow morning and I got all my laundry taken care of yesterday so today is a free day without plans. I may just do a bit of grocery shopping to help this day pass on by. I may sleep in a bit later than usual. I still can’t believe I laid down for an afternoon nap and here it is 4:40 in the morning. That’s totally out of character for me. I’ll see what I can dig up on my fishing trip to the grocery store. Maybe Bigfoot will be out today. :)

Gone Fishing

Year Of The Fish

One of the things I love the most about downtown Portland, Oregon are the food carts. They pop up everywhere to travel in the city itself. Lots of workers, tourists and residents frequent them because of the diversity, great food and fair prices that are well below a sit down restaurant. Obviously that doesn’t please restaurant owners who have a high overhead due to employee costs, rent, utilities and taxes. Food carts are often operated by one or two people that own the business. The food is cooked to order so it’s fresh and hot.

Yesterday my choice of food was fish & chips, made on a huge bun with lettuce, tomatoes slices and onion. Add in freshly fried potato wedges in their natural skins and you have a nutritious, delicious lunch. My friend, Warren, went for Thai food at another cart just 10 feet away. There were at least 10 carts representing food from around the world. There was a huge dining room tent with space heaters set up to eat your choice in comfort at large picnic tables. We got a chance to meet 3-4 people who joined us at our table near the giant heater.

Year Of The Fish

Shoutout: Things You Draw With Crayons

things_you_draw_with_crayons_-_Google_SearchI love it when I get inspired! I followed a link on my blog from a visitor and got a big smile on my face for the effort. I believe her name is Ann and that she’s left handed. She’s an aspiring artist that works in a wide range of mediums and subject matter. Her writing is light heart and refreshing. I’ve subscribed to her blog which is something I rarely do these days. My reason for being picky is that I only want people in my life that are uplifting. The site I’m describing does that for me. Please visit her blog and take a peek. Thanks.

Leftovers: Long & Lanky Larry The Lizard

This is the last new photo from my last zoo visit in record low temperatures. It’s back to seasonal rains for us the rest of this week. Meanwhile it’s laundry day for me. This happens every two weeks so I must take the time to run a few loads. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. Yawn! Nice smile Larry! :)

Lizard's Eye 1