Backyard Squirrels Framed

I’m still looking for just the right photos to frame and hand on my apartment walls. It’s a small place so I want to do it right the first time. I have the means to easily make custom frames to hand and frames don’t cost much at all when you make them yourself. Below is the kind of thing I’m considering.

The frame can me made of any soft wood such as fir. You can distress the wood and bring out the grain by putting a blowtorch to it.That’s a cool technique I watched being done on YouTube. You then cut a bevel around the outside and apply either a stain or paint in the lighter color wiping it down and then applying a matt coat of polyurethane to it. Have you priced nice frames lately? Yikes! The pictures are square so you could just pick your size, 12″x12″ or anything you’d like and design the frame to fit. The one below is 28″x14″.

Backyard Sqirrels Framed 01

Bob’s Backyard Squirrels 01

Seems like it was a good day for local critter photography even though it was a bad day to travel. Church didn’t work out today so I made the best of it on a glorious overcast day and did laundry. I was down to my last clean shirt so that was my clue to get with the progrm. I had just enough change to do one giant load which turned out to be everything that I had ready to wash. $1.25 to wash, $1.25 to dry. Perfect!

While I waited the 30 minutes to wash and 1 hour to dry I sat outside my apartment on my newly built bench and photographed 3 squirrels that were gorging themselves on the fresh clover in my backyard. They were oblivious to my clicking camera as they’re almost domesticated around here. Nobody messes with the squirrels, even if they do steal all the birdseed if someone doesn’t run them off. Still they’re quite used to dealing with a batch of senior citizens.

The birds got in on the act as there was plenty of food to go around this time of year. We just brought in Summer yesterday with the hottest day of the year, a record setting 95. That’s just one reason I’m grateful for an overcast day today. The other is a day 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. We’ll be getting rained on tomorrow to cool it down even further.

So below is a strip of squirrel pictures taken this morning while I waited for my laundry to finish. That laundry is all hanging in my closet or folded neatly on shelves. The clean socks get tossed in my 2nd basket. They’re all white so picking out a matching pair to use is a piece of cake.

Bob's Backyard Squirrels 01


Thanks to a young lady from Whitinsville this turtle made it safely across Highway 122. I was driving to church this morning when I came upon this strange scene, a lady standing in the middle of the road waving her arms. Had there been an accident? Were there people hurt?

It turns out that while walking she came across this large female turtle digging a hole on the edge of the road. You see the turtle was pregnant and had stopped to drop her eggs in a safe spot. Exhausted it picked that spot to bury her eggs. The young lady walking had watch the final egg being covered up. The turtle was exhausted as it tried to cross a busy two ;ane highway to get back into the woods. The good Samaritan had stopped to make sure she could make it safely on her journey home. She was warning oncoming traffic about that turtle in the road.

As I passed the two of them I realized what was happening and turned around to get photos and see if I could help in any way. By that time the turtle had traversed the road and just crossed the solid white line on the edge of the road. It was safe!

I thanked the young lady for her concern and help to the pregnant mother turtle. She wasn’t sure if it was safe to get close to the mother to pick it up so she waited patiently for the turtle to make it safely across the road, guarding her path from oncoming traffic. We both watch as the mother turtle slid quietly into the deeper grass at the edge of the woods.

Turtle On 122

Turtle Nursery

Sunday Scraps

Since Sunday is generally the slowest day for blogging I’m throwing you a scrap of a photo. It was a quick grab shot of one of the two rhinos at the Southwick Zoo. I have yet to build a database of the details of all the animals there. It will come, with time, as I continue to go on a regular basis and get to know the staff.

Rhino 03

Pretty Peacock

Now this will get your attention as you stroll the lanes of the Southwick Zoo. The peacocks seem to have free reign as they fly out of their environment and wander the trails along with the zoo visitors. In full display mode they do take up a lot of space.

Peacock Strut 01

Record Weather Everywhere

It doesn’t matter if you believe in global warming on not. Everywhere I’ve lived in the past 10 years is experiencing new all time record highs constantly. Today we’re supposed to at least tie the record high temperature for this date on the calendar, 92. Gee, thanks! Without any air conditioning or even a fan that should make it fun to just survive the day.

I’m new to New England weather. This is my first Summer here and so far, compared to south Carolina, this is a piece of cake. In SC it hits 95F in early April with 90% humidity. I know because I lived there for 13 years. It’s hell on earth 8 months of the year.

So far we’ve had a real Spring here in Uxbridge, MA, with temps in the 60s & 70s until just the past few days. The humidity is fairly uncomfortable late in the afternoon before sunset. With no fan or air conditioning I have the windows open trying to get the small breeze to circulate in my tiny apartment. The hottest part of the day is bad for just about 2 hours. I’m sure I’ll survive but wish I had the oscillating fan I gave to my last landlord in Oregon. I left so much behind to make the move across country. Starting over takes both time and money. I’ve got lots of time.:)

“Go Ahead – Pull My Finger”

As I become more familiar with the animals at the southwick Zoo I start to talk to them. Macaws are intelligent birds and do listen to me call to them. some have a small vocabulary and will eventually respond if you visit them every chance you get.

The blue Macaw seen below is already starting to recognize me and respond in a positive way, if you consider raising one foot to fart a response. LOL

Blue Macaw 02

Shoutout: New NG Photographer

I’m proud to announce that Liz Campbell, my photography student from Portland, has been assigned her own National Geographic website. Like me, she is now a contributing photographer for the magazine, post her best work on that site for consideration. She will have her portfolio reviewed by all of the other contributing photographers and have ratings and comments made about her work. I’m so proud of Liz as she’s developed into an excellent photographer. You can visit her site at:

Elfin Liz

A Frog’s Lucky Day

While at the zoo the other day I spotted a tiny frog hopping amongst dozens of school children busy hand feeding the Sitka deer in the Southwick Zoo’s forest. There certainly weren’t paying any attention to the tiny frog who stood a good chance of getting squished by the trampling children. I alerted the attendant of this area who quickly rushed over to pick up the frog, showed it to the excited children, then calmly too it back into the woods to release him in a safe area. Only after I processed my pictures did I realize how lucky that frog was. He was standing on a leaf with the lucky number 7 on it just as he was rescued.:)

Wild Frog 01