Share Your World – Week #41

What genre of music do you like?


What is the worst thing you ate this last week?

Breakfast at an airport at 2 a.m..

Would you like to be famous? In what way?

I’d like to feed the world’s poor.

Complete this sentence. This sandwich could really use some…

Miracle Whip!

Memories Of My Trip

It’s going on ten days now since my flight here to Uxbridge. Airlines have changed a lot since I last travelled and not for the better! The only good thing was the low cost of the flight. I suppose the fact that I’m now 66 didn’t help my arthritis one bit. Still, is was a relatively quick 5 hour cross country flight.

Plan “B” – No Computer, Yet

I just got off the phone with the technician at Macs At Work. Their attempt to load El Capitan and preserve the data on my hard drive failed. They will need to start over using a longer process adding another hours worth of labor as well as another day’s delay in getting back my computer. I’m now up to $289. I authorized the attempt and await their call tomorrow afternoon. :(

Walking Around My House

I want you all to know I haven’t stopped taking pictures as I explore my new home in Uxbridge, MA. I’m simply waiting for my computer to be repaired so I can process the photos I’ve taken on photo safaris close to home.

I’m expecting a call back tomorrow that it’s ready for pickup. It will be good to get it back as it takes forever to type a post on my Nexus 7. I’m still trying to post at least once a day to keep you all coming back. I’ll keep you all informed.

The Tires Are Coming The Tires Are Coming

Check off another major chore that needs doing before Winter. I now have 4 new tires ordered for Winter driving. They’re Continental TS800 snow tires for my Smart Car Pure. I looked them up on YouTube and found a video of a Smart Car driving around in a big snowy area with ease.

I found the tires online thanks to my friend and hostess, Marilyn, who has experience with this company. They are scheduled to be delivered next Tuesday and installed by a local filling station shortly thereafter. I feel relieved to get this important preparation for Winter completed.

Induction Rangetop

Before even moving to Uxbridge I placed my order for an induction rangetop through good old It cost me about $70 which was reasonably cheap for such a versatile appliance. I have used it to fry two eggs over easy in my 8 inch Lodge cast iron skillet.

The first thing I noticed is how fast it heats up. I dropped a piece of butter in the pan, pressed the power button to on and 20 seconds later it’s melting and sliding around that pan. By 30 seconds I can crack my eggs and place them in the now hot pan with melted butter over the whole surface. The eggs are done to over easy in less than 2 minutes. By then my muffin/bread is toasted and buttered and my tea has stepped sufficiently to add creamer/lemon. Voila, breakfast!

The pan only needs a thorough wipe with a paper towel and back it goes on the induction rangetop that is already cool to the touch.

It’s less than 10 minutes to cook, clean & start eating.

Follow Up To Doom

I found a local business that services Apple computers. I loaded the address into my GPS and headed out carrying my computer. I found the shop, dropped off the computer and told them what I needed done along with a description of the problem. They agreed to load the latest operating system, back up my hard drive and save the contents of my years of work. I provided them with a 1 TB portable hard drive. Now we wait. I’m expecting a call back by Monday to make the return trip. I have no idea of the cost of this work. I need my computer up and running.


Yes, doom is what I feel like right now! Last night I attempted to download and install the latest operating system from Apple known as El Capitan. It’ FREE. It’s supposed to be a simple process that’s fully automated. It killed my iMac! :(

I tried everything I know to bring it back to normal but it’s stuck in a loop that’s inescapable, making the computer useless.

I did the normal things to troubleshoot the problem. I “Googled” it. Other people are having the same problem and nobody has a fix. I went to bed last night totally frustrated. If you reboot and try opening it in safe mode it won’t let you download a new copy in case the first was corrupted. That’s really stupid on the part of Apple. At this point I don’t know what to do. I have my Nexus 7 tablet that’s connected to the internet and I’ve been using it to try and find answers. There are none.

I can’t afford a new computer. I can’t afford much of anything having jusemptying my meager savings for the move to Uxbridge. I’ll start looking for a Mac or Apple store locally where I can bring my computer there in the hopes they can at least get me operational again. On how I regret loading that upgrade to El Capitan.


The Desk #1Call it a photo safari, or a need to buy food or gas. It was time to get out and start learning my new environment. I haven’t ventured out by myself yet but that’s coming and soon. I don’t want to impose on my hosts. Garry & Marilyn. I have my little Tom Tom GPS to save me if I make a wrong turn. I may need to take my Nexus 7 tablet with a list of stores and their addresses so I can go places and return home. I’ve been through this procedure before 10 years ago when I moved from South Carolina to Portland, OR. I knew nobody or anywhere in Oregon. Back then I carried local maps to venture out. Now, technology is more practical with my gps.

I’ve been out exploring and shopping twice since arriving in Uxbridge, MA October 03. The weather is beautiful but we’re heading for Winter so I need to learn my way around while I can still see the roads. Snow will mess up anyone’s reference system. I need to make it to the DMV and VA Medical Clinic to take care of business. I need to get 4 snow tires on Herbie. Time’s not stopping while I start getting out there and finding these places. Tomorrow’s the day, the first time I’m striking out on my own. :(

Uxbridge Falls 01