Bob Wins Again

At our Valentine’s Day Party Friday there were lots of drawings for prizes brought by friends of the Senior Center. I was fortunate enough to win an envelope containing (5) $1 lottery tickets. I haven’t played the lottery in over 35 years since my days in an office environment at McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis. I scratched of the tickets with help from my table mate, Steve, loaning me a nickel. I actually won $7 with my 5 tickets. I cashed them in at Hannaford’s Supermarket after the festivities. Steve grabbed my camera to photograph me holding up my prize envelope.

Bob Wins The Prize

And The Winner Is…… Steve

The Senior Center in Uxbridge celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday with a big party. The dining hall was packed with happy seniors, volunteers and lots of special guest dignitaries. There was a polka player and a videographer on hand to record the festivities. Guests brought trays of bagged goodies for all the seniors and passed them out as lunch was being served. With Lynne, our regular chef, on vacation we enjoyed cold sandwiches, a fresh salad and pickles along with desert. There were trays of finger foods all over the place as our seniors loaded their plates with goodies not normally present at this center. There were Valentine cookies and fudge brownies galore.

Part of the festivities were drawings for prizes brought to the center by our friends and visiting dignitaries. My table mate, Steve, had just returned to the center after an organ transplant that saved his life. He was lucky enough to win the grand prize of a special Valentine basket complete with a heart shaped box of chocolates that also contained a stuffed Teddy Bear and helium balloons. He had quite a grin on his face as he had planned on giving it to his wife at home. Steve & I enjoyed our day together as we had a lot in common.

And The Winner Is Steve

Mikhail Plays Soccer

It was fun receiving a YouTube Video of Mikhail, the Amur Tiger at the Oregon Zoo. Over the years we became good friends as I often photographed him and his twin sister, Nicole. Affectionately known as Mikki & Nikki they were quite a loving pair until Nikki passed away from a seizure over a year ago now. I miss them both.

Mikki In His Cave

Mikki In The Morning

Touching Tigers

Chilly Start To Friday

It’s bright & sunny outside at 7:30 in the morning here in Uxbridge, MA. That’s the most positive beginning to a cold Winter’s day. It’s also -2 degrees F outside for the beginning of a very cold upcoming weekend. After all, it’s New England and we’re in the heart of Winter so these forecasts are expected. This time last year the area was buried in record snowfall and storms continued rolling in as if they were waves. A lot of people cried uncle as they were trapped in their homes waiting for their driveways to melt. For some it never happened.

Herbie Covered In Snow #1I’m parked at the very top of our driveway, clean & dry. So far when I decide to venture out I’ve had no difficulty escaping our Winter wonderland. My little car flashes its slippery surface warning and then engages posi-traction drive to move steadily forward. My car’s battery, 6 years old, has started with no issues thus far. I’m prepared financially to replace that battery should it become necessary. With the exception of President’s Day on Monday I’ve ventured out to the senior center and Hannaford’s Supermarket every day this week. I’m planning one more trip there at lunchtime today.


Upper Driveway Cars In SnowAs you can imagine turnout at the senior center has been light compared to normal. Our wonderful cook, Lynne, is on vacation this week so there have been other volunteers filling her shoes as she & her family enjoy a break. Our prayers are with her as we wish her well and that she return to us safely, refreshed and smiling.


When Not To Upgrade Your Camera

Fuji Camera has announced a new camera on the market, the X70. It’as so new you must preorder it from or B&H Camera in New York. It touts a 16MP APS-C sensor, 18mm F/2.8 Fixed lens and a reticulating rear 3″ LCD screen. There is no Optical View Finder. All this will set you back $699.

I own two Fuji X-E1 bodies and 5 Fujinon X-Series lenses including the 18mm F/2.0 fixed focal length lens. You can buy a new X-E1 camera with an 18-55mm F/2.8-4.0 lens that has Optical Image Stabilization for $649 at right now:

Why would you order a new model with fewer features and is less versatile for $50 more? I won’t waste my money as long as the better camera & lens is available new with full warranty.

Fuji X-70

Fuji X-E1 Front


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things That are Cold

For the first time in years I have plenty of cold and snowy weather pictures to post. It has something to do with my recent move to New England and Uxbridge, MA. We dodged any January snow but as soon as February rolled around we’ve been hit with at least 3-4 measurable snowfalls. We’re even heading for a weekend where new record high lows are possible. So here are a few of my favorites thus far.

Backyard Snowstorm #1

Trashcan Snow 2_5_2016

Winter Wonderland #2

Amber Staying Warm & Dry

Poor little amble can’t get into the snow outside if it’s too deep. Her short little legs don’t keep her far above ground. She is a smart doggie so she stay close to Garry & Marilyn on the area between them on the couch. She looks pretty content as doggies go.

Amber #5


Share Your World – 2016 Week 6

What Is Your Favorite Word?


What Is Your Least Favorite Word?


What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

I’m sorry but I haven’t been turned on by anything for more than 20 years. I take too many drugs. :)

What Turns You Off?


What is your favorite curse word?


What Sound Or Noise Do You Love?

A cello or violin

What Sound Or Noise Do You Hate?

Any Republican Lying

What Profession, Other Than Your Own, Would You Like To Attempt?

Sex Surrogate

What Profession Would You Not Like To Try?


If Heaven Exists, What Would You Like To Hear God Say When You Arrive At The Pearly Gates?

A simple thumbs up would do nicely!

Best Bonnie Portrait Yet

I keep working on getting Bonnie to feel comfortable with me. Lately she loves to sit on the couch armrest right next to me. My camera & lens are capable of focusing really close to my subject so I carried it with me upstairs as I visit with Marilyn & Garry. An unbelieveable opportunity presented itself when she sat next to me looking outside through the window behind us. I saw the shot, grabbed my camera and had time to carefully focus and compose the shot. It is by far the best portrait so far.

Bonnie #10

Bonnie’s New Look

As one snowstorm after another rolls into New England I’m learning to cope with a lot of hunkering down with a good book and staying warm. It’s super Bowl Sunday so my plans have already been made for the day. It’s the day before the next two storms coming Monday & Tuesday. It’s a day of 42 degree temperatures to help melt the 8″-10″ of heavy wet snow that hit us during our last storm just days ago. Forecasters are calling for a third storm heading toward New England from Canada next weekend that will plunge us well below zero. Time for chips and dip and putting another log in the fireplace.

We pick our spots here to get out and do chores. Such was the case last week as my hosts ventured out with Bonnie, their black Skottie, to get a haircut and pedicure. She looks beautiful again with her red scarf around her neck. I’ve gotten used to grabbing pictures of her as I sit on the couch upstairs while visiting with Marilyn and Garry.

Bonnie #8