More Of My Backyard Flowers

I’m still processing and posting flower photos from my 5 minute excursion into my own backyard. One of these days I’m going for a walk down the golf course fairway that is my backyard. I live on the 11th hole fairway of the Rock Creek Golf Course. Everything’s green and pristine as the grounds crew cares for every blade of grass. I watched as they pull some of it up this early Spring and put down big chunks of new sod. It’s grown in nice so you can’t see where it was done a few months ago.

All the home owners along the course have beautiful two car garage ranch style homes that have well manicured lawns, bushes and little flower gardens. The man living to our left has tomato plants growing in his front yard between the sidewalk and the street. Nobody bothers his half a dozen tomato plants that produce nice salad size vegetable all summer.

Paul, my landlord and cohabitant, grows nothing you’d call grass in his front yard. He used too much Weed-Be-Gone and it resulted in Yard-Be-Gone. He does have a variety of rhododendron bushes, daffodils and iris in his backyard. I’m still exploring the dozen or so varieties back there.

So here are a few more of them that I can’t identify. Unlike the zoo where they occasionally put out little signs telling you the species of flowering plants homeowners never help with their plant’s identities.

Backyard Beauty

Backyard Yellow Flowers

Somebody’s Following Me !

Bazinga is our zoo’s only chamelian. He moves really slow and is difficult to spot unless you know the secret, look for his curled tail. His eyes move in all directions independently of each other. His feet don’t look likr they are opposites like our mirror image right hand versus left hand. He looks like he has two left feet.

If he happens to be out in the open as he was in the photo below he starts to get nervous as I followed his incredibly slow movements obviously in an attempt to get away from me as I track him down with my camera. He changed direction 3-4 times. He’s been “spotted” and he knew it. When up in the plants above his he is virtually invisible. I have to point hom out to visiting families who don’t know my secret.

Bazinga On The Move

Help: Identify This Flower Please

This flower is growing in my backyard. The homeowner, Paul, doesn’t know the species, just calling it a lily. He admits he doesn’t actually know. He only knows it returns every Spring. It’s one of the most beautiful, delicate flowers I’ve ever photographed so I sure would love to know what it is. Help if you can please. :)

Backyard Lily #1

Newborn In Swaddling

Again, from my backyard, comes this lovely unborn blossom of nature’s best. It’s so simple, so elegant that the less I did to this photograph the better it looks. So I kept it simple.

Newborn In Swaddling

“Houston, The Eagle Has Landed”!

Sounds like something right out of the space race but it’s exactly what happened yesterday as I escorted a couple from outside our area through the Oregon Zoo. The man and wife both had cameras blasting away as I led them on a blur of a whirlwind tour of the highlights of our zoo. You see they were on a tight schedule and had to be out of that zoo in just under 45 minutes. ¬†They needed three times that amount as I took them to see the Northwest exhibits that yielded a wealth of information as well as some unique opportunities to photograph our animal in unusual poses.

I couldn’t believe both the bobcats were just sitting there right next to the viewing area posing for us. It’s like they new we were in a hurry so they waited for us to walk up. The two bald eagles came off their regular perch and glew down to the ground to strut around right in front of our viewing booth. They’ve never done that before in all the years I’ve been going there. Cameras were blazing including mine.

Bobcat Posing #2

Eagle 09

“There’s Nothing To Photograph”

Have you ever heard anyone proclaim this out loud? You don’t see because you don’t look. Folks become blinded by the beauty that surrounds them every day. I took a walk around my backyard yesterday after returning from a successful photo safari from the Oregon Zoo. I had seen a beautiful flower Paul had planted back there and wanted to capture it while it was at its peak.

Little did I realize the wealth of beauty that I had missed by not taking the time to explore my own backyard in the Spring but I came in with a dozen great pictures in just 5 minutes and 50 feet of walking. The yellow iris below exploded with color and detail as I carefully walked completely around it looking for the best angle to capture this lovely flower. Then it was onto the next flower and the next.

I preach surveying your world around you and yet somehow, I had failed to explore my own backyard. In defense I moved into my new home last August and missed the Spring excitement. Not so this year!

Yellow Iris