Is There Anyone Out There?

eyeball holeOnce in a while we feel like we’re the only ones out there that can see what’s going on in our world. The changes in society happen slowly so we lose sight of what’s really important. The American family took the bigest hit. Rosie the Riveter was the first sign of things to come. WWII forced American women to lay down their aprons and get a job to support of men at war. I heap praise on their contributions to our country. The problems started when the boys came home. Suddenly some of the women stayed at their paying jobs to “get ahead of the Jones’ “. Who are taking care of our kids? At first mom did it all until dad came back from the war.

Mom, deservedly, wanted more time off from family raising chores that now included a second worker in the home. Can’t fault mom there. So the solution of day care centers, baby sitters & nannies arose. This prompted the first “Latch Key Kids”. Who was then raising our children? Not the parents.

Slowly but surely the American family became more & more dysfunctional. The kids were beginning to get out of hand. A new moral phrase was born, “Let boys be boys”. Now parents were turning a blind eye to discipline issues with their unruly children. The pregnancy rates soared. Divorce was on the rise. The family unit began crumbling.

Enter the age of electronic entertainment. Computers became the rage in 1980 and thus began the race to see who could get one first. The entertainment industry saw a new market, Latch Key Kids who had lots of money and time. The video gaming industry was born. Now our young generation became shut-ins, preferring to self-entertain with mindless violent first-shooter video games. Out went their days of sports, stick ball and kicking the can down the street with their friends. No more riding their bicycles  outfitted with a clothespin and a baseball card in the spokes.

Kids stopped talking to kids as well as their parents. They became engrossed with a fantasy world that was violent beyond social norms. There were few alternatives available, everything in the video game industry became violent. If it wasn’t violent it didn’t sell. The video industry declared, “We can’t have that”, so they brought along better, more realistic graphics for their more powerful personal computers and gaming machine. The kids were hooked.

Fast forward to today. Kids don’t talk to anyone unless it’s texted. Shoot, we laugh at video clips showing multiple teens and now tweens sitting together, each texting someone out there. Not one word is spoken between them. I see a future where wedding ceremonies are interrupted by constant twitter alerts.

This photo represents a cry for sanity. We have eyes but we can’t see the changes destroying our families, our society. We’re deaf to the cries of our children who find themselves in a world filled with violent bullies at school, on the bus and on the streets. Mom & dad don’t involve themselves in their children’s lives as they did 20 years ago. They’re disconnected from the reality of this world. God help us all! Wake up people! Is anyone out there? 😦

Is There Anyone Out There?


3 thoughts on “Is There Anyone Out There?

  1. Well, you must have been reading my mind today. You NAILED it! I often wonder…is anyone out there? Mind if I post to Awakenings? Darn…wish I could just reblog. WordPress doesn’t like BlogSpot:>(

    I know you are not much into awards but you are getting two anyway…Christmas presents! You don’t have to advertise or give them to anyone…just hold them in your heart from me to you!

    Awakenings is bestowing The Very Inspiring Blog Award upon you and catnipoflife is bestowing my favorite the Don’t Do a Damn Thing Award. I Just Like Your Blog. Here is the badge for the latter if you would like to put it on your blog:

    I am presently working on the Inspiring award so check back later today for its posting and grab the badge if you so desire.

    Merry Christmas!
    Sharla aka Catnip

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