Christmas With The Stubblefields’

Christmas 01I can’t believe it’s all over. I had a great Christmas Day with the Stubblefields. Warren fetched me from the parking lot around 9:20, knowing I’d be early as usual. I had actually dozed off in my SmartCar with the rain creating just the right amount of white noise to lull me under. We ate a bit of a snack before heading to Sherri’s to pick up the prepared meal Warren had ordered. Turkey, ham and all the fixings were on the menu.

We spent a few hours listening to traditional Christmas music and watching YouTube videos before Warren’s parents, Richard & Micheline, arrived. Warren & his parents are originally from Canada. I get to try out my terrible French that I took 45 years ago. I remember enough to sound ridiculous but I imagine, stranded in a French speaking country, I could make do & survive. The American method of dealing with foreigners is to just yell English louder. LOL

Warren really did a great job as our host this year. He completely redecorated his condo to provide plenty of seating  for 6-10 people, making them feel quite comfortable. Warren’s mom, Micheline, brought lots of baked goodies and other dishes she’d prepared at home in Salem, Oregon. Miche is a great cook.

We started the festivities with the opening of gifts that included special toys for Jack the Cat. Jack was so very thrilled with his realistic squirrel tail and squeaky mouse toys. He gathered in his old ZuZu I’d given him for Christmas two years ago and just played himself into a nap, with his three toys closely tucked under him. What a special time!

Jack Playing With Toys

I acquired special treasures from Warren, Richard & Micheline. Warren knows I’m a diabetic so I was given a large quantity of dark chocolates from See’s Candies. Miche always bakes me low sugar treats like Pumpkin and Zucchini bread. She is so sweet and again, one great cook.

Richard & MichelineWarren managed to contact a few of his other friends and invite them to stop by and join the festivities. There was a great deal of delicious food still available along with super Pumpkin pies from Sherri’s and home made whipped cream topping Miche had made and transported from home. Yum!

It was a memorable holiday and especially loving with my good friends, the Stubblefields’ making me feel like one of the family. I thank them dearly.


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