Working Doggies

Puppy 1I was visiting Multnomah Falls one weekend when I happened to come across a Rescue Team Convention being held there. With all the mountains we have in Oregon Rescue Teams play a vital part in saving lives of travelers, hikers, campers & climbers. We salute them in their efforts to save lives.

An important part of their team are the bloodhounds that find these wayward souls. In case of an avalanche they can sniff their way through deep snow to find folks in dire need. There were two such dogs at the Multnomah convention, belonging to two separate teams. I photographed both dogs and then located their handlers online so I could send them their dog’s portraits. The handlers responded quickly, asking for permission to use these photos in brochures and safety publications. Of course I gave my permission & support.

Soft & cuddly these dogs became beloved pets at the home of their handlers. They are beautiful animals, friendly and open to a myriad of visitors at the Rescue Convention. Little kids loved to wrap their arms around the dog’s necks, applying huge hugs. It was quite a happening.

Puppy 2These dogs were easy to photograph. Their handlers had them under tents set up to cover the Rescue Teams at the convention. You may have heard that it rains a lot in Oregon. That’s an understatement. The doggies were kept nice & dry, as were the visitors talking to the rescue team’s members.


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