The Shadow Walkers




Packy On The Move

I was originally going to process this photo as an exercise in graphic editing. I put so many tiny details into the final product that it’s difficult to show you everything that I did so I’ll just stick with the basics you can quickly notice. The trees growing out of the top of his head were removed. The white mass of bright junk extending from his left ear was replaced. The elephant poop on the ground was cleaned up. His tail between his rear legs was removed. There are plenty more things touched up but you get the idea. The final image is dramatically improved over the original. Half of photography is using the skills to shoot the original and the second half is knowing how to clean up the poop. 🙂

Packy On The Move Demo

Birdhouse & Glass Egg

I am a packrat, even in photography. You see I tend to save things for a rainy day, for future use. I save photos of old wood, tree trunks and weathered poles. I save photos of piles of dirt, sand patterns on the beach and reflective tide pools. I save photos of piles of interesting leaves, hay, stray and gravel. You never know when you’re going to need to fill in a blank area of a photo with gravel. 🙂

So it is with this photo below. I saw this great photo of an empty birdhouse and I had to have it, for future occupancy of course. I can always add in a few birds or squirrels to the open dwellings inside. Photoshop is a marvelously creative tool.

Birdhouse & Glass Egg

One Beautiful Wood Duck

One of my favorite stops along the pathway is the Northwest Exhibit at the Portland, Oregon Zoo. This habitat is simple in that it’s a slice of nature in the back woods. There’s a strem with trees, logs and a pond wher ducks and egret can feel right at home. The male wood ducks are one of the most spectacularly colored species in our beautiful environment. The catch in getting good photos of them swimming by is patience. I wish I could be as parient dealing with people in my life as I am with waiting on the perfect shot in photography. 🙂

Wood Duck 2

Wood Duck 1

A New Perch For Boris

I was surprised to see the addition of a new perch high above the leopard’s habitat yesterday. This variety of leopard is the most endangered cats in the world, with just 35 known alive in the wild. In heir natural environment they live in the trees, high up. So, it was natural for them to love the addition of two planks providing a new place for them to feel safe. I expect it will get a lot of use.

A Ne Perch For Boris