Ranger Relaxing

Ranger didn’t seem to have a care in the world as he lay out in the lush grass of his outside environtment. His twin brother, Striker, was not far away doing the same.

One Content Cheetah

Whistler Chicks Growing Fast

I’m glad I was there to capture the growth of these White Faced Whistler Ducks. They have come a long way since their birth a few months ago.

Two Whistler Chicks

The Whistler Chicks


Whistler Chicks 2

Like It’s Snack Time Man

I have a feeling the zoo staff was cleaning or working on all the indoor monkey habitats the day I passed by the outdoor habitat. I’ve never seen such a large, diverse collection of different species outdoors all at the same time. This little guy had the softest fur I’ve ever seen on a monkey. He had what appeared to be some sort of a fruit chunk in his hand. Either way I was grateful he walked up and sat down so close to the viewing window for me.

Snack Time

Like Nine Bugles Blowing

I looked had for any signs of the species represented here but came up empty. They look like the bugles snack food that used to be so popular years ago. They have a gentle creamy color and soft satin texture to them that is quite beautiful.

Laura Bloomsbury at http://eljaygee.wordpress.com/ nailed down the species as white foxglove. Kudos to Laura. 🙂

Flowers 5200

Like Colorful Parasols

Blanket flowers are everywhere at the Portland Zoo this year. I’ll need to check where I can find them for my balcony garden next year. They seem to thrive in out environment. Of course the zoo staff meticulously cares for all the plants, watering them on a regular basis. The photos are always special because of the huge water droplets on the flowers.

Blanket Flower 9

Kya: Naturally Framed

Poor Kya was all alone in the lion’s outdoor habitat the other day. It seems there’s a breeding program going on so Kawadi & Neka were isolated so they could have some private time. Kya is the oldest lioness of the two at the Portland, Oregon Zoo so it makes sense Neka would be the best candidate for breeding. Poor Kya!

Kya Naturally Framed

Bird Man

This isn’t Burt Lancaster in disguise but it is the Bird Man of the Portland, Oregon Zoo. I think he knows he’s being photographed. We’ve talked before so he knows me. Man, this camera takes sharp pictures!

Bird Man

Playing It Forward

This is a recent expression that’s come to mean continuing a kind deed in our daily life. I like the concept and try to be the initiator of good deeds. Yesterday I continued my habit of giving the person behind me at the zoo a free pass to visit. My membership allows me one free guest ticket and nobody asks any questions as to that guest. I checked whether the guy behind me had a membership and when he said no I handed him his free ticket. He was so shocked he reached out and shook my hand thanking me. He then promptly paid for a ticket, turned around & handed it to the person behind him, a total stranger. I have no idea how long this lasted but I saw my recipient later in that zoo visit and he told me how shocked and grateful his recipient was as well. It’s all good. 🙂

Boris: His Best Pathetic Look

As is my custom I was the first to visit Boris on my last zoo visit. He’s such a creature of habit, like me. LOL He was in his favorite part of the leopard environment and had the most pathetic look on his face as he he stared at me calmly. I try not to linger too long as I don’t want to disturb him. He’s such a majestic, beautiful animal I empathize with him in his confinement. One of the most endangered species on earth I wonder how long they will be around.

Boris Lookin At Me

That Nervous Duck Look

I’m sure this female Mallard will be glad when I get a longer focal length length eventually. I’m within 4 feet of her here which is inside her comfort zone. At least she opens her eyes fully as I’m being scrutinized carefully. I tried not to disturb her and moved on quickly.

Ducky 1