Kitties Are Kitties

In my study of past animal photos that I’ve taken I’m reminded how close are domesticated pets are to their wild brethren. Here’s an example of kitty behavior.


KGW Photo Contest

I usually don’t enter photo contests but this one’s for my beloved Portland, Oregon Zoo. The other thing that caused me to enter was the prize, a full super membership package. Now, I’m already a member but this is a $300 membership package for two with two free guest tickets every time I go. Imagine the fun I can have with that. It’s no secret that I’m struggling financially in retirement so this would be a real blessing. Here are the photos I’ve entered for the 125th Anniversary Photo Contest. I’m hoping at least one of these will be chosen the winner. 🙂

Addendum: I just read the rules of the contest and my heart sank. They are pulling the winner out of a hat. The quality of the photo doesn’t even matter. A person accidentally firing off a picture of his foot with their cellphone has as much of a chance as I do. 😦

The New Guy 3

Touching Tigers

Polar Bear Reflection

Packy 3

Hiding Out 2

Zawadi In Cave

Just A Big Kitty

Tomato Frog 02

Grandma Inji

Inji is such a sweetheart. She’s the grandmother of the male orangutan, Kutai. At 53 she’s the oldest ape at the Portland, Oregon Zoo. Inji can be shy at times and loves to hide from the public under a tarp or cardboard box. Today she wrapped herself in a black tarp that made he look like a very old spinster. She’s a doll!

Grandma Inji 2

Floral Explosion

This photo reminds me a lot of a painting. It’s brilliant colors seem simple in detail yet striking in their appearance. The photo was taken indoors at a flower display by my local grocery store.

Floral Explosion

The Birth Of A Buckeye

Our two major storm will clean away any sign of these so I took the time to bring a pod to my apartment to photograph it. It’s a buckeye in its husk, about to pop opens as the seed is set free to implant itself and grow another tree. It’s one of the wonders of nature.

Birth Of A Buckeye

Ranger: On Patrol

Ranger & Strike are the two twin male Cheetahs at the Portland, Oregon Zoo. Their outside environment is about the size of a football field. I wish it could be many times that big but this zoo is in a metropolitan area so space is limited. Oregon’s population all live on just 10% of the available land. Imagine having the animals roam the other 90% of it.

Ranger On The Prowl

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere

Getting ready for the Autumn Festivals can be a fun job when you work at the Jim Dandy Farm Market. There will be hay rides and hot apple cider for all the visitors to their humble little business. The Halloween celebration will mark the end of another season there and I will sorely miss their fresh, organic produce, fruits, berries and flowers. They’ll return in May with their strawberries and flowers. The fruits and garden vegetable won’t arrive until July. I’ve been eating mighty good these past 3-4 months so no complaints there.

Ready For Halloween

Baby Lily Weighs In At 1,000 Pounds

Lily continues to make the news as she continues her growth. She is non-stop movement yet she manages to put on over 2 pounds a day. Born last year November 30 at 300 pounds she now tips the scal at 1015 pounds.

Portland Oregon Zoo Store

Oh what fun! I walked into the Portland, Oregon Zoo Store with my widest angle lens aboard my Fuji X-E1. I was greeted by a young lady eager to help me find just the memento to remember my zoo experience. There were Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh my! There were baskets full of tiny stuffed animals any child or child at heart adult could come to love. If you were decorating a child’s room how about a 10 foot high giraffe? I love the animal backpacks they sell that come packed with a 8-10 foot long tether to keep track of an excited child. It seemed there was something for everyone there. Be sure to visit the store if you attend the zoo. It’s a lot of fun, especially if you have little ones along.

Zoo Store 1

Zoo Store 2

Double Stuff

You Can Put This One In A Vase

This flower variety struck me as particularly beautiful.I had my macro lens on my Fuji X-E1 and opened the lens up to F/2.8. ISO 800, 1/320″ to nicely blur the background. It’s not my normal lazar sharp photograph but an artistic rendition of something a saw that is beautiful.

Artistry With Flowers