KGW Photo Contest

I usually don’t enter photo contests but this one’s for my beloved Portland, Oregon Zoo. The other thing that caused me to enter was the prize, a full super membership package. Now, I’m already a member but this is a $300 membership package for two with two free guest tickets every time I go. Imagine the fun I can have with that. It’s no secret that I’m struggling financially in retirement so this would be a real blessing. Here are the photos I’ve entered for the 125th Anniversary Photo Contest. I’m hoping at least one of these will be chosen the winner. 🙂

Addendum: I just read the rules of the contest and my heart sank. They are pulling the winner out of a hat. The quality of the photo doesn’t even matter. A person accidentally firing off a picture of his foot with their cellphone has as much of a chance as I do. 😦

The New Guy 3

Touching Tigers

Polar Bear Reflection

Packy 3

Hiding Out 2

Zawadi In Cave

Just A Big Kitty

Tomato Frog 02


25 thoughts on “KGW Photo Contest

    • I’m trying not to get my hopes too high. You never know what the judges are looking for or wanting. I used to be a photography judge myself and it’s a tough job. We each have different tastes. I realize my photos are above the snapshots most visitors send in but the judges may be looking for common snapshots.

  1. Well, it’s a bummer that they are pulling the winner from a hat. You are the winner in my book. I do think you should look into selling your photos, though. They are worth a great deal, and surely there are companies and advertisers / PR Departments that could see real potential in many of these for their product advertising. Maybe you could even quit struggling.

    • I just sent an email to KGW News complaining about the use of the word “Contest” in their ads. A person with a cellphone could accidentally shoot a picture of their foot, submit it and potentially have the same odds as me. I told them I’m not a happy camper. That plus a dollar will buy me a cup of coffee at McDonald’s but at least I am able to vent my frustration.

      • Well, at least when you add your own dollar, you’ll enjoy your coffee. But I just know there have to be people out there in the business world who would pay for the use of some of your great photos to help promote their products. I hope you manage to connect with some of them and start getting more returns for our work than just the satisfaction of taking such lovely photos.

      • My zoo contact responded by saying there must be a mistake on the contest web page. There’s no way they would pull the winner out of a hat. We’ll see what they can do from inside the zoo staff.

  2. amazing pics and you are very good with camera I must say..although I love them all but 3rd, 4th and 5th are my favourite as I love the way you have captured those moments in these creature’s lives

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