Last But Not Least: A Cow Egret

Today marks the last day of my membership at the Oregon Zoo. For financial reasons I’m going to wait until the middle of May 2014 to consider renewing it again. So, it’s time to go into hibernation for the Winter. No more 8-9 posts a day for a while. I’ll be snowed in my valley shortly so no long drives/rides to the beach and especially not to the mountains. I’ll have to get creative to find interesting subject matter for the next 6 months. With my followers growing exponentially to over 800 I must admit I had little to do with that. About 70% of them admit English is not their primary language so take away the pretty pictures and what’s left for them?

Cattle Egret 01


Thanksgiving: A Dedication

Nothing like a good cry to end this year’s Thanksgiving celebration! That’s how I ended mine when my sister sent me a link to this YouTube video. She said she was dedicating it to her beloved husband, Joe, who passed away just a few years ago. Holidays can be brutal on people who are alone, especially when they’ve lost a loved one. I’m passing this along so that some of you can remember and celebrate your loved ones that couldn’t be here for this Thanksgiving.


.Barb & Joe

.Norma Jean

.Tom 1

.Tom 2


Sadly, I must add one more name as one of our senior coffee clutch members passed away just less than two weeks ago after falling down a flight of stairs. I’m sorry that I don’t have a picture of Harvey but I want to remember him here.






Birthday Girl 1



Peek-A-Boo Boris

I made the most out of one of my last visits to the Oregon Zoo. I stopped in to visit old friends, like Boris. He was standing in his favorite spots, way back in a shadowy corner. My camera has no problem shooting in that dark environment, without flash. He was partially hidden by a wall but I caught him sticking his head around the corner, peeking to see if I was still there. That’s all the time I needed to snap this portrait of his expressive face.

Peekaboo Boris

New Lion Cubs Meet Auntie Kya

This is another cute video of the first meeting between our new lion cubs and Auntie Kya, the 2nd lioness in the Oregon Zoo pride of lions. It’s a shame that timing wouldn’t allow me close to the cubs until next Spring. They’ll be so much bigger by then. I’m just glad I have friends inside that send me these update videos & still photographs. I’m sharing them with you all as they arrive.

Baby Lily Meets Her Dad Tusko

This is a cute video of the first meeting between baby Lily and her dad, Tusko. I don’t know the reasons for waiting this long to put the two together but notice how protective the females are of the baby during this encounter. Also notice how boisterous Tusko is when they block him and surround the calf. Baby Lily turns 1 year old November 30.

Observations From Bob

Bob's OpinionAs Terrible Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Christmas approach I can’t help but notice a repeating trend. I keep getting emails from forums that I quit advertising camera manufacturers stuff and giving their opinions on what you should buy for Christmas. The writer of these “reviews” then open the floor for comments.

Oh good Lord the things that are said surely can’t be spoken by adults, especially men. 90% of all opinions shared on or about photography forums is by males. Now I know that there are a lot of lady photographers out there but thank God they don’t enter childish, sometimes vulgar, comments on these kind of topics. It’s embarrassing being a man at times like these. The name calling, cursing and rude behavior when one man likes product “A” and another likes product “B” is ridiculous. You heard it here first: What difference does it make if Joe Schmo owns a “B” and Tom Terrific owns a “A”? There’s way too much testosterone flowing on these forums for me. That’s why I quit them all and started this blog 2 years ago. If someone sees my work and asks what camera/lens I used I tell them with the reservation that I add that it doesn’t make any difference. I could take the same shot with the camera in their hands. I’ve said this before but feel it deserves repeating, The camera just goes “click”, the photographer takes the picture.

It’s time that men grow up, for goodness sake, and stop competing for who has the most megapixels, who has the latest whiz-bang smartphone/tablet. Good photographs are made by good photographers, not “A” or “B”.

A side note on Terrible Thursday: I’ve coined this phrase as the latest pagan trend, shopping on Thanksgiving, begins. The word is out that the younger generation doesn’t care about family traditions and values, they’re going shopping on Thanksgiving. One of the problems with that attitude is that, sadly, there are people who also must miss their family dinner to wait on them in the stores. There are already fools camping out in front of stores waiting for those Thanksgiving day door buster sales. I’ll bet it’s the same idiots that wait in the rain around the block for the latest iPhone. Something’s terribly wrong with our American society.

Do you want to know what I bought for Christmas this year? I bought a bag lady that frequents the shopping center around my local McDonald’s lunch yesterday. She had no idea I did it as I instructed her waitress not to tell her. When she was sure to ask what happened and who did this I asked her waitress to simply say, “Happy Thanksgiving”. That waitress got a nice tip as well. 🙂

Flowers Berries Leaves & Thingies

Trust me when I tell you this project took me a long time to put together. This was a spectacular year for plants and thingies. I nearly cried when I went through my huge collection from 2013. The beauty God has given us is overpowering at times. We are so very blessed. It’s another thing to be thankful for as we celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday this Thursday. 🙂

Remember, as you left click on this composition it gets bigger.

Flowers & Things

Monkeys & Apes

Since the year is winding down I’m revisiting my photo collection and creating “Greatest Hits” collections to post one last time. Today it’s “Monkeys & Apes”. In case you were not aware of the difference a monkey has a tail and an ape doesn’t. I hear that all the time at the Oregon zoo when volunteers explain it to visitors. I hope you enjoy this collage of my best efforts.


Orangutan 2