Daddy Said NO!

Our 3 new lion cubs were out today along with all 3 adult lions. The kids were driving Zawadi crazy, crawling all over him and biting his tail. He suddenly let out a mighty roar that stopped the cubs in their tracks. Enough already!

Daddy Said NO


DJ’s Latest Profile Picture

Wow, what a beautiful day! It’s sunny, breezy and 58 degrees right now. I’m sure it will reach 60 by day’s end. Too bad they’re calling for snow & ice for this weekend. That’s our weather pattern. Portland’s zoo fans were out in droves. I arrived nearly an hour after the gates opened and there were still 50-75 people in line. Of course I didn’t get in line because I know so many people that work there. I simply walked by the membership window and watch an arm with a ticket attached reaching out to me. We both laughed as did one of the security staff. The guy said I must be Bob, the now famous Bob that everyone knows. He didn’t hesitate to compliment me on my lion snow pictures. I smiled and headed for the ticket gate where another line awaited. Again I marched to the front where Karen, one of my buds, took my ticket and handed me the stub. What fun!

The zoo was packed full of visitors. I’m actually happy for the zoo as attendance has been down since the parking meters were installed. It’s great to see a good turnout. The lion area was packed of course, what with the new cubs running and jumping all over the adult lions. This was the first time I’ve seen their daddy, Zawadi, out with them. Again, it was a gorgeous day!

Lorikeet Landing was full of visitors as well. I visited there twice, both coming & going. I managed to capture a few visitors covered in birds. One guy ran out of nectar and had two parrots on his arm. He didn’t know how to put the empty cup down and relocate the birds. I talked him through the routine and he & his wife were grateful for the help.

DJ Profile 2

Bob’s Photo Tips and Tricks: Perspective

Lens perspective can change the entire photograph. Seen below are two pictures of the same country store. They are taken relatively from the same angle. Notice the difference in the size of Mt Hood in the background. The only thing I changed was the focal length of my lens. With a wider angle lens the mountain seems to shrink in size and recede into the background. With a slightly longer focal length the mountain mushrooms to many times its original size in proportion to the foreground. Remember this the next time a prominent feature is seen in the background. Choose your lens carefully to accentuate the feature.

The first photo was taken at 18mm while the 2nd was shot at 82mm.

Mount Hood Country Store 2

Mt Hood Country Store

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Frame

The word frame can be interpreted as many different things. I decided to avoid the standard picture frame as that was too easy. Framing in a photographic composition can be accomplished in many different ways, all calling attention to the main subject or pulling together the composition. Here are my entries for the word: frame.

Africa Sign

Bench Overlooking Cape Meares

Door To Neverland

Kya Naturally Framed

The Door

Tiger Tiger

Vista House Lobby

BrakeAway 1

Samudra & Lily In The Sand Pile

The Oregon Zoo is going to great lengths to find just the right sand for its new Elephant Lands Exhibit. Zoo staff has made trips to faraway places such as Ireland whose updated elephant exhibit is similar to that being constructed in Portland, Oregon. They are looking for just the right sand to cushion the feet of these behemoths. Seen below is a zoo photograph of Lily & her older brother Samudra playing in a pile of sand.

Lily and Samudra

New Talent: Jasmine Thompson “Under The Willow Tree”

jasmine_thompson_-_Google_SearchI love Pandora radio. I’ve subscribed to this music service for years because not only does it allow me to customize my music style by creating my favorite artists stations but it then plays similar music by other performers. I’ve discovered so many new singer that are simply wonderful.

One such artist is 14 year old Jasmine Thompson from Great Britain. She has a simple but beautiful voice I could list to for hours. I thought I’d introduce you to one of my favorite albums she has recorded, Under The Willow Tree and let you judge for yourself.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 1

This should be fun! The big question is where do I start. I found the first odd ball photo entry in the very first photo fold of my collection. Only 3,000 more photos to check.

This was a picture I took while attending a sport motorcycle ralley in Fortuna, California. My best friend, Warren, and I stayed at a motel close to the restaurant in Fortuna where the group was to meet. It was a 3 day weekend of great riding, great scenery and much fun & camaraderie. We had a homemade lunch at the chairman’s house on Saturday that was like a family to us. There were bikers there from all over the United States.

One such rider, dressed in his road racing leathers, hopped on this pinto pony outside the restaurant. It was the perfect weird photo for the trip as he looked totally out of place. Thus, this becomes my first odd ball entry. The look in the horse’s eye says it all, “We have trust issues here”! LOL


Elephant Lands Opens Partially

ORTLAND, Ore. — That’s one small step for Sam, one giant leap for elephant-kind. Construction of the $57 million Elephant Lands, the most ambitious project in Oregon Zoo history, reached a milestone Feb. 21 as crews completed work on what’s now known as the Encounter Habitat — a sandy field in the southern portion of the habitat, adjacent to the zoo concert lawn.And on Feb. 22, when Samudra and the rest of Portland’s elephant family ventured into these new digs for the firs time, they were taking a big step into history and a new era of animal welfare.

“Samudra strolled out right away,” said Bob Lee, the zoo’s elephant curator. “He only slowed down long enough to eat every piece of fruit and vegetable in his path. Chendra sprinted out close behind, inspiring Sam to quicken his pace and venture even further into the habitat. Rose-Tu was ready to go along, but Lily kept turning back to check on her Auntie Shine, who was a little shy about coming out to play. Once the rest of the elephant family was in the new habitat though, Shine ambled out to join them.” Lee said the elephant family will be acclimating to the new area at its own pace in the coming weeks, and visitors may catch glimpses of them through construction fences or from the AfriCafe patio across the concert lawn.

Elephant Lands

Bargains On New Cameras

I wish folks would check with me before buying their first serious cameras. I’ve got so much experience buying the best for less that they would get so much more shopping smart.

First example: models come & go. The Nikon D7000 is a marvelous camera that originally cost $1300 for just the body. I know because I was waiting for mine when they first hit the market. It’s light, fast and extremely great for low light shooting in poor light situations. I felt comfortable shooting at ISO 3200 and often used 6400. That camera body is now selling, brand new, for $699. A great lens I also owned was a Nikon AF Zoom 70-300mm F/4-5.6G lens for $120. That’s a brand new Nikon body and great lens for $820.

How about my own Fuji X-E1 with the kit 18-55mm F/2.8-4 zoom. That cost me $1200 new and is now selling for $800. All these bargains are available because newer models are now out there. That doesn’t make the D7000 or X-E1 a bad or inferior camera, just a slightly older model. You get the full warranty and can use any of the manufacturers lenses designed for their bodies.

Would you rather pay the price for an entry level model with low level kit lens or a top rated, proven model, brand new, for a discounted price? I recommend what I’ve bought and own. You do what you want with your money. 🙂


Fuji X-E1 Front