Here’s one more picture that caught my eye because of the backlighting on those frontal leaves.

Catchin Some Rays


Dew Catcher

One of the reasons I like to go exploring early in the morning is because that’s when you see nature watering all the plants. It’s such a beautiful world we live in when you just take time to “smell the roses”. I know it’s a cliche but it’s so true. You can’t walk a half a mile without seeing the daily routine nature follows to care for the plants of our earth.

The plant pictured below spreads its blossoms to catch the most dewdrops. It’s coloration is unique as it virtually screams, “Quick, look at me”!

Dew Catcher

Delicate Pastel Rhododendron

I could go to specialty gardens to see Rhododendrons but need travel no further than my local zoo. The Oregon zoo has literally dozens of colors represented in their permanent collection of these beautiful flowers. They’re found distributed throughout the 65 acre facility. The variety pictured below display such delicate pastel colors I had to carefully expose and process the frame to get the most from the shot.

With all the talented photographers in the world I wish their flower photographs could be used on Google Images or Wikipedia.

Pastel Rhoddies

Bluebell Flowers

I’m going with the obvious to try and name these flowers. They are so perfectly shaped like little blue bells that there must be those descriptive words in the title somewhere. I really like this photo that accentuates the flowers distinctive shape.

Bluebells 1

Fulvous Whistling Duck Posing

The Oregon Zoo has combined a number of duck species, along with pochards, ibis & 20 flamingos, in one exhibit. There are two species of whistling ducks, the white faced and fulvous. I think all birds are beautiful but I particularly like the fulvous marking temperament and rusty coloration.

Fulvous Portrait

One Reason I Retired In Oregon

I was born in Belleville, Illinois, part of the area known as “Tornado Alley” We also lived over the New Madrid Faultline with rumbling earthquakes. We often got severe Winters with temperature as low as 15 below zero with 75 degree below wind chill factors. The Midwest was prone to extreme heat and drought in summer followed by floods along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.

South Carolina was not much better with its ice storms and threats of hurricanes. I lived there 13 years and I can think of a less comfortable climate in the United States. It’s in the 90’s in April, with high humidity until late October and even November. When it rains in the South there are tornadoes and high winds with downpours we called “frog stranglers”.

So, here I was going into retirement while living in Oregon for 6 years. I can’t think of a nicer place to live. There are no severe storms to compare with the Midwest or South. There are no extremes here, with mild Winters and very pleasant Summers with low humidity. I just love it. There are few lightning storms, no hurricanes and very few tornadoes. Mild, mild, mild.


Another New Wallpaper

I’ve been cranking out new desktop wallpaper photos right & left lately. There’s just so much to choose from with the new lion cubs and Springtime flowers everywhere. It’s fun building such a collection however because then I have more to give away to y’all! 🙂

This shot is posted as a 1920 x 1080 resolution picture saved at 300 dpi.

Zawadi Tuckered Out

Sharpie: Hiding Out

I was talking to a zoo visitor yesterday as we both stood at the porcupine habitat as Sharpie & Nodine scurried around in front of us. I explained how rare it was to catch Sharpie out in the open, curiously checking both of us out. He stopped moving and looked at us with his cute little nose and beautiful eyes.

Sharpie Hiding Out

I See You

I wanted this little boy to see me taking his picture. Sometimes you get the greatest expressions that way. He wasn’t sure of why I was taking it so he didn’t smile but stood transfixed. Now that I look at it up close I’m not sure it was a little boy. 🙂

I'm Cute & I Know It


Delicate Flowers Along My Pathway

As I walk the paths through the Oregon Zoo I tend to walk really slow. I’m being passed by all the other visitors because I’m constantly looking at the plants growing along each side. The zoo staff has created quite a garden of trees, shrubs, wildflowers and traditional show stoppers that I don’t want to miss anything they’ve done.

There are huge rhododendron bushes that tower overhead, hummingbird feeders to be checked for activity and seed pods and cones just beneath the surface. If you love nature like I do you can’t rush through all this without taking note of what’s out there. This is a photographic goldmine. It’s no wonder I want to go every day the weather offers hope.

Here are a couple of captures from yesterday’s safari. These delicate flowers seem to be crying out to stop and capture their beauty.

Flower 4441

Flower In The Wind