One Pound Of Cool

I took a scooter ride to Scappoose, OR this morning to see if the Farmer’s Market was open. It was indeed open but there was only one stand that had any produce. The rest were filled with custom jewelery, homemade jellies and honey. There were some interesting characters there that caught my attention.

One Pound Of Cool

One Pound Of Cool 2

Potential New Home

I’m working on a possible new home just 2-3 miles from where I now live. It won’t happen until August because of the details that include a new coat of paint on a room for rent in this beautiful home. It’s not a 100% done deal yet but close to that. I’ll still need to live with my friend for a few months but feel it will all work out fine. I’ll be within walking distance of mass transit and a quick scooter ride to my favorite McDonald’s.


Unusual Planter

I think this planter is being used strictly as decoration at the Jim Dandy Farm Market. It’s so colorful you can’t help but notice it, especially now when the farm’s organic produce is not yet ready for market. May opened her market on Memorial Day weekend, as usual. Her workers are tending the fields on their farm. In the meantime she and her husband are making the farm & store beautiful by decorating it with flowers that they sell. She has a major commercial flower farmer supplying her with a variety of species. For now they sell flowers and flower baskets that are absolutely perfect.

Fire Bucket

One Solo Rose

Roses are such gorgeous flowers. My Portland, Oregon home is known as the Rose City. The Portland Rose Gardens are open to the public free of charge 365 days of the year. There are no gates and the gardens themselves are cared for strictly by a huge volunteer staff. Everyone pitches in to maintain this treasure.

The solo rose pictured below comes from the Jim Dandy Farm Market on coastal highway 26. This point in the season is too early for their produce to be out so they concentrate on flowers. I spotted this solo rose way back in the corner just screaming to be noticed and photographed. It’s nearly perfect blossom was so intensely crimson that it looked like velvet.

Solo Rose 2

Return To The Clematis Bush

I headed straight for the Clematis bus upon arriving at the Jim Dandy Farm Market yesterday. These flowers are really beautiful. I’d only just discovered the variety last week on my first visit of the season. The Jim Dandy Farm Market opens on Memorial Day weekend and stay open through Halloween.

Clematis 03

A Thingy: Stages of Development

On my first visit this season to The Jim Dandy Farm Market, May, the owner, showed me a unique new flower. I’ve never come close to seeing anything like it. It seems to be composed of a thousand spiders and webs. The blossom in the center is brown, almost like wood. My first experience got me hooked so yesterday I took a scooter ride back to the market to see the progress this plant was making. May had planted a who row of them out in the field. These are not small plants, growing over 3 feet high in that field. I photographed 4 separate plants in different stages of growth and development. I’ll need to return again in a few days to check on future progress. Here’s what I have so far. If anyone knows the name of this species shout it out please. For now I’m going to refer to it as the Spider plant.

Brown Ball Flower

Cee’s Oddball Post

I thought I’d enter this unique photo in Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge this week at: certainly doesn’t fit into any category I’ve seen. It’s a collection of paraphernalia dealing with the common honey bee. I found it at the Jim Dandy Farm Market today as I visited to take photos of the wonderful flower varieties May keep in her garden. Inside her shop May has all sorts of artifacts that you’ll only find here.

Honey Bee Collection

Laura Macky: These Are For You

I have just met a new follower who lives in San Francisco, CA. I was fortunate to visit this intriguing city during my bucket list 5 national park journey a few years ago. My departure on this 12 day tour was initially to begin in San Francisco. I had a two day layover in this city that turned out to be a vacation of its own.

I stayed at the Green Tortoise Hostel, the same company that ran bus tours all over the Americas. They’ve been in business for 40 years and specialize in low cost tours that utilize camping, home cooked meals and many foreign visitors travelers eager to explore our country. I enjoyed walking down the steep hill from the hostel to the Ferris Building on the Embarcadero to capture the photos of the Bay Area Bridge at sunrise as well as shots of that Ferris Building that was a center of transportation and commerce.

I enjoyed walking the steep streets of San Francisco as well as taking an abbreviated  guided bus tour of the highlights of the famous city. That included a stop at the Golden Gate Bridge where our tour guide took pictures of folks on the tour with their own camera.

The Bay Area Bridge is another landmark I really enjoyed capturing both at sunrise and on the return trip to the Green Tortoise Hostel when the 12 day tour was complete.

Since Laura is a resident I thought I’d post a few of my favorite memories to her city. These are for you Laura.

GGB & Bob

Green Tortoise 01

San Francisco Bay 01

San Francisco Bay Bridge

San Francisco Bay Shoreline_Original

SF Bay Area Bridge

SF Bay Ferries