Gone Zooing

I’m flat out of fresh pictures so I’m taking a day off to head for the zoo this morning and fetch some more. It was a whirlwind weekend with our rain moving out of the area and clearing skies moving in for good. July 5th is our traditional start to our sunny, dry season and it’s right on schedule with tomorrow’s high reaching 95. Not to worry as that high only lasts for one day before scooting back into the high 70s by the weekend. I’ll see you all tomorrow. šŸ™‚

Gone Fishing


A Variable Climate

I was just checking the NOAA weather forecast for this coming week. Nothing in this part of Oregon surprises me much anymore, having lived here now for nearly 9 years. There are 4-5 distinct micro-climates within a 50 mile radius of my present location. That’s because I live in a valley, surrounded by mountains that have another set of climate conditions on the other side of their peaks. We have oceans, forests, deserts and then, more mountains. Here’s a peek at this week’s forecast. Don’t like today’s forecast? Just wait 24 hours!


Bridge Of The Gods

TheĀ Bridge of the GodsĀ is a steel trussĀ cantilever bridgeĀ that spans theĀ Columbia RiverĀ betweenĀ Cascade Locks, OregonĀ andĀ WashingtonĀ state nearĀ North Bonneville. It is approximately 40Ā miles (64Ā kilometers) east ofPortland, OregonĀ and 4Ā miles (6.4Ā km) upriver from theĀ Bonneville Dam. It currently serves as a toll bridge operated by the Port of Cascade Locks.

bridge_of_the_gods_-_Google_SearchNow in reality we all know there is only one true God and he does take this bridge. Notice in the photo that the bicyclist is walking across that long bridge. That’s because that steel grate makes it nearly impossible to ride two wheeled vehicles across it. I rode my scooter across the only time I’ve been on that bridge and thought I was going to die. That grated bed lets you see the river and ground through the bridge with wide spaces between the steel. It grabs the wheels of any bicycle or motorcycle and violently throws you around until you come close to crashing. The toll booth guy was laughing when I paid my fee to cross because he knows what a difficult job of control bikers have who are stupid enough to attempt a crossing. Never again! I did not take this picture.


“Shoot The Sherbert To Me Herbert”

How many of you remember that little tune? My mother in law told me about it being written by Tommy Dorsey during the big band era. People danced to it all the time. It was used by my mother in law in a hospital in Augusta, Georgia. She was recovering from surgery and was hooked up to an IV pain medication via an automated injection machine. She was so looped from morphine she used that line to get her male nurse to “Shoot the Sherbert to Me Herbert”. LOL

Ceeā€™s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 17

I haven’t seen one of these Odd Ball challenges from Cee in a while but I’m still going to post this strange photo I took the day our local Burger King turned on its new Coke machine. It’s one of those new fangled soda dispensers that offer you 100 different choices in pop. It was quite the attraction when customers first saw it. I didn’t know they could fit 100 bottles of soda in that box and still have room for spares! Maybe it’s elfin magic! That thang sure wuz nice and shiny that day! See the instruction card to the left of the machine? I hope they didn’t think we are too stupid to figure out how to get a soda. šŸ™‚

Coke Machine

Jack’s ZuZu Still Lives

Jack the cat is one of my closest friends, literally. He and I share the same home with Warren, my human best friend. A few years ago I bought Jack his very own ZuZu, a mechanical hamster that runs around the room squawking and making noise. ZuZu is about 4 years old now and still going strong even with all the abuse it gets from Jack, who loves his little toy so much he sometimes sleeps with him.

Jack 02

Jacks ZuZu

Jack Asleep

I caught a few shots today of Jack the cat at rest on the sofa. This shot was handheld without flash at ISO 6400. There was practically no light in the room. Again, I’m so grateful to have my 55-200mm F/3.5-4.8 lens back. What a versatile performer!

Jack 20

True HDR

I get asked all the time if I only shoot HDR (High Dynamic Range). This special process usually involves multiple shots of the same scene with a camera mounted on a sturdy tripod. You make 3-9 shots with the exposure varying on each shot. Usually you’ll have a central exposure proposed by the camera and then continue up and down exposure compensation until you have your complete HDR set. Photoshop or other special software blends all the exposures together resulting in a photograph with the best exposure from highlights to shadows. In other words, a perfect exposure.

Adjustments inside the HDR software allow distorting any aspect of the process referred to as a “grunge” effect. I for one do not prefer this variance. I prefer the original perfectly exposed photograph. Seen below are three photographs I shot in HDR using from 3 to 9 frames, depending on the particular camera used. The higher end DSLR cameras such as my Nikon D800 full frame 36 MP sensor DSLR allow 9 frames to be shot automatically. I dare say the untrained eye would never know these were HDR shots, just the way I like them. No flash was used.

cg03 hdr

Multnomah Falls 03 HDR

Vista House HDR 1 Framed

Shoutout: Animalia Design

Animal Card 01While at the Oregon Zoo last week I started a conversation with one their volunteers, Gretchen. She wrote down her web page for a great humanitarian cause, animals. I looked up the address and think my followers would benefit from visiting the site. I wrote to them offering any of my animal or flower photos for their cause free of charge. I hope you visit this site and see what they’re about and the work they’re doing. These are examples of the cards they sell to the left & right. I took the liberty to insert my pictures. – Bob



Plant Card 01