A Special Night On The Town

Imagine a really special night cruising down the Columbia River Gorge on a paddlewheeler. You can arrange that if you live in Portland, OR. This ship is docked along the oceanfront in Astoria, Oregon, waiting for you to board. 🙂

American Cruise Lines 01


Astoria Riverboat 5

Bumble Bee Seafood Lives On

My road trip today was to Pier 39, the Bumble Bee Cannery in Astoria, Oregon.


1899 – A group of 7 canners in Astoria, Oregon formed Columbia River Packers Association, CRPA. Together, they set out to fish and process salmon.

1900 – CRPA purchased several sailing ships and began building a cannery on Alaska’s Bristol Bay.

1910 – The Bumble Bee Brand was born as one of many CRPA marketed labels. Albacore tuna was discovered in seasonal abundance off the Oregon coast.

1920 – CRPA began expanding its cannery in Astoria to capitalize on Albacore.

1930-1950 – Albacore surpassed Salmon as the company’s principal product. As CRPA grew into a recognized leader in the industry, Bumble Bee became one of the most respected premium labels for canned seafood.

1960 – The first Bumble Bee Seafoods, Inc. was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Castle & Cook, a prominent Hawaii based seafood company.

1977 – Bumble Bee continued to expand, acquiring a tuna cannery in Puerto Rico, a fishing base operation in Ecuador, and Harbor Industry cannery in San Diego.

1980 – Bumble Bee suspends canning operations in Astoria, where it all began. Starting in 1984 Bumble Bee underwent a series of ownership changes.

1997 – After International Home Foods Inc. (IHF) acquired Bumble Bee and Orleans Seafoods, Bumble Bee launched a new line of “Specialty Products” including shrimp; oysters; clams; smoked scallops; anchovies and more.

1999 – Bumble Bee purchased BC Packers – a Canadian company that canned Clover Leaf, the leading brand of tuna and salmon in Canada. Bumble Bee also began distributing the nation’s leading brand of high-quality packed Sardines, King Oscar.

2000 – Bumble Bee was acquired by Conagra Foods.

2003 – Bumble Bee became Bumble Bee Seafoods, LLC.

2004 – Bumble Bee Seafoods, LLC combined its business with Connors Bros. Income Fund to become the largest branded seafood company in North America. More…

2005 – Bumble Bee announced its name change to Bumble Bee Foods, LLC to reflect its expansion into new food categories, with the acquisition of Castleberry/Snow’s and assets of Sara Lee Shelf-Stable Meats business.

2008 – Connors Bros. sells Castleberry’s Food Company to Hannover Foods. Bumble Bee became a privately held U.S. company upon being acquired by Centre Partners.More

2010 – Bumble Bee Foods is acquired by Lion Capital LLP.

2013 – Bumble Bee Foods expands their family of products and brands to include . . .

  • Bumble Bee® Prime Fillet® Gourmet Flavors – 3 new seasoned varieties of bold flavors added to the premium Prime Fillet Albacore product line.
  • Bumble Bee® Omega- 3 Prime Fillet® Albacore – offering a perfect way to add more Omega-3 EPA and DHA to your family’s diet.
  • Bumble Bee SuperFresh®, a new line of premium, all-natural, fresh frozen seafood products.
  • Wild Selections®, a new Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) – certified sustainable line of products that supports World Wildlife Fund (WWF®) fisheries management & marine conservation efforts.

Bumble Bee Time Tunnel


Pier 39 Sign With Windows


JO Hawthorne Cannery Foundation


Bumble Bee Foods Sign

Sharpie Munches & Crunches

I love it when the zoo’s workers put out food for the two porcupines. It forces them out in the open so that I can get an opportunity to photograph these shy creatures. Sharpie & Nodine prefer to stay out of sight but have no choice but to come out in front of the visitors to the zoo when their food is placed in visible areas.

Sharpie Nibbles & Munches

Developing A Photographic Style

I’ve never assigned a name to my style of photography. There are some processes I use in my workflow that give my pictures a certain “look” & “feel”. I tend to expose for the highlight values which generally means I’m underexposing every shot by about 2 F/stops. This adds detail to the brightest areas of a scene but still allows me a wide latitude to bring out what I want to see in the darkest shadows. The results are sometimes misinterpreted as HDR or High Dynamic Range images.

I use Photoshop 6.1 for Mac as my graphic software along with 3 complete filter suites from OnOne, NIK & Topaz Software. There isn’t much I can’t accomplish with that much firepower. I teach my students that at least half of photography is knowing how to use graphic software in post processing. That knowledge allows me to “see” my subjects differently before taking the shot. My backgrounds are always darker rather that backlit. Shooting & post processing as I do gives images a three dimensional appearance. You can almost smell the rose, touch the animal and feel the breeze in a landscape picture. That’s my “style”.

Flower 2992

Lion Photos Fit To Enlarge & Frame

I take a lot of photos. I put them into categories that range from snapshots to portfolio keepers. The last category contains my best work, tack sharp and worthy to be enlarged to at least 24″ x 36″ on a canvas gallery print and hung for display on a wall. I have about 25 such portfolio prints saved to a separate folder. Here are a few of my lion collection of top photographs.

The King & Queen

Zawadi In Cave

Kitty Dreams Small

Photo 4

Which Is The Prettiest?

There has been some discussion on the most beautiful duck so I’ve put together a random listing of my favorites. Let me know if you have a favorite of your own.



Northern Pintail

Northern Pintail


Red Headed Pochard

Red Headed Pochard

Wood Duck

Wood Duck

Fulvous Whistler

Fulvous Whistler

White Faced Whistler

White-Face Whistling Duck


White Mallard

Whitey 2

Becoming A Lioness

You can see it in their eyes. You can tell by the way they walk. You can sense the confidence and determination at a glance. The cubs at the Oregon Zoo are becoming lions.

Becoming A Lion



Back To Life

After an especially long and exhausting drive or flight, a grueling week at work, or a mind-numbing exam period — what’s the one thing you do to feel human again?

This question was asked by Marilyn over on http://teepee12.com. My response is that I take a nap! 🙂


A Rose Is A Rose…

Yea, I actually know this flower is a rose! Duh! These are actually tea roses, tiny by any standard. They are a beautiful deep pink shade that screams to be photographed.

Pretty In Pink

The Scooter Is Down

2009 Piaggio BV250 ScooterI made a scooter trip to Camp 18 yesterday that wound up leaving me stranded along side highway 26. I was half the way home in the middle of nowhere when my scooter sputtered as if it was running out of gas. I looked down to a half tank on the gauge so I had no idea what was going on. Soon I was coasting on the shoulder looking for a nice place to stop. The engine had cut out but I managed to bring it to a safe stop in a shaded area. It was 90 yesterday and quite hot. Once safely stopped I attempted to restart the bike and it started right up. The problem was when I gave the automatic transmission a twist of the throttle the bike wouldn’t move. It turns out my drive belt had shredded itself and was hanging out of the transmission casing. Oops!

I made a call to my best friend and roommate, Warren, for help. Fortunately he was off from work and at home. I gave him the mile marker that told him he had a 20 mile drive to get to me. When he arrived we literally lifted the scooter into his cargo van after taking off the windscreen and mirrors. We did this one end of the bike at a time since it was hundreds of pound. That being accomplished Warren tied down the bike securely in the back and off we went to a dealership. I had the phone number on my Nexus 7 tablet and cellphone.

Turns out our analysis of the issue was right on the money. I was 200 miles shy of 20,000 on that scooter. The shop owner said the belt should have been replaced at 10,000. Oops! Sure got my money out of that belt. I am having a major 20,000 mile service that will replace the belt, oil & filter and a few other items that need attention. The bike should be good to go and in top shape in about 3 weeks. This is a very busy time for bike shops and I’m lucky to get it done that quickly. Thank you Warren and thank you bike dealership.