Photo CD Created For Paul Kwitek

One of my talents is graphic design. I was a fine arts major in college and always had a love of designing advertising, custom posters & album covers for my custom music mixes. Photography ties in beautifully along with my expertise with Photoshop.

Before the CD release party event happened I was plotting to create a custom CD/DVD disk(s) of the occasion. As I shot the gig I took certain photographs with the CD/DVD jewel case cover in mind. Little things like the empty rooms throughout Cafe Artichoke or signs all over the walls that provided ambiance to the quaint scenes.

This morning I put it all together on a CD/DVD along with a custom jewel case cover and presented it to Paul. To put it mildly he was blown away. I included 34 finished photographs of every aspect of the night and 10 MP4 videos of the individual songs played by the group and guest artist. It all came together quite well. Immediately after looking over the outside & inside of the cover art Paul’s mind started to work thinking of other projects where all this could be useful.

I’m not a professional but just a hobbyist that has been perfecting his craft for many decades. Until now my creations have been simply for my enjoyment. I do these types of projects as assignments, homework to learn the limits of my photographic skills and editing prowess with graphic editing software. It was fun!

CD Release Album Cover

CD Jewel Case Template

Shameless Shoutout: Paul Kwitek

Ok, so I have a vested interest in Paul’s future. He’s my friend, landlord & housemate. Other than that I barely know the guy.   Fuji X-E1 55-200mm F/3.5-4.8 at 200mm ISO 6400, F/6.4, 1/125″ Available light, Handheld.

Artichoke 33a

And The Beat Goes On

I’m still processing the 171 photos I took at the Artichoke Cafe Saturday night. I gave Paul Kwitek a DVD with about 25 photos and 7 videos that I had already processed so he could load more videos to YouTube and his webpage. He’s beginning to realize how much fun everyone had that night. You can tell the difference between the pictures taken during their soundcheck and those taken during the actual performance. During the performance Paul was barefoot. 🙂

In the last picture the percussion man wore a maraca on one foot and a mini tambourine on the other. Now that’s versatile! 🙂

Artichoke 18

Artichoke 20

Artichoke 21

Artichoke 23

Flowers Of The Day

Here are the last of the flowers I photographed at Liz’s backyard Sunday. Liz invited me to her home as my photography student to learn the editing side of photography. We used her backyard garden for subject matter. Reds and light yellows are quite a challenge to photograph and retain detail so it was a good choice for the lesson of the day.

Flower 1

Flower 4298

Tiger Cookie Jar

The animal trainers do what they can to occasionally introduce new toys and treats to the animals. I know it must be terribly boring for them living in a tiny habitat that never changes. I call my environment my room. 🙂 Anyway I noticed a new addition to the tiger’s home yesterday, a treat  keg I’ve named the cookie jar.

Mikail seemed to enjoy the new distraction as he played with the cookie jar, digging into it with his gigantic paw for the treats the trainers placed in there. I’m sure he found it as he was licking his paw with his tongue by the time he got the treat.

Tiger Cookie Jar

Bunnyland: Alive & Well

Each day I go to the zoo now I carefully pass through what I’ve dubbed “Bunnyland”. It’s a stretch of pathway where the bubbies, squirrels, voles, stellar jays and scrub jays live. Amazingly this little wild sanctuary is only about 20 yards long. Nobody knows about it except me and a handful of others that I’ve let in on this secret world within the zoo grounds. This is a shot from the 4th day I’ve spotted the bunnies feeding quietly along the path.

Bunny 04


I had one of my favorite Lorikeet Landing workers ask for a picture taken where he had a bird on him. It didn’t take but a few seconds once he walked in with a nectar cup in his hand. We’re all getting a bit emotional with tomorrow being the last day for the birds before they’re shipped off to Florida. I guess that’s why management decided to work non-bird lovers tomorrow. So, we all said our goodbyes to our beloved little friends.

By coincidence the lady who set the record for the most birds on her at the same time came again today and asked for another contact card from me. It turns out she lost the one I gave her. I showed her the pictures I took as I had my Nexus 7 tablet with me. She was thrilled and said she’d send me that email so I can send her the two photos I took. We’ll see.

Birdman 1

Birdman 2

Birdman 3

Macro Monday: Close-up With Big Lens

I’m still taking close ups from 6 feet away. Yes, I could start carrying my 60mm dedicated macro lens with me but I’m already carrying the kitchen sink in my bag and there’s not enough room left for camera gear. 🙂

Backyard Flowers 3

Fallen But Not Forgotten

The simplest things in nature make the best photographic subject matter. If you take the time to look around you, to be aware of that beauty, your life will change.

Fallen 2

Flower Of The Day: Backyard Gem

The flower of the day is special today because it come from a lovely backyard. It was part of a photography lesson at a student’s home where we went on a mini photographic safari in her own backyard. There was plenty to photograph but this particular flower grabbed my attention. It’s intricate detail and intense color just stood out from the rest. I was lucky to have a background angle that highlighted its form. Fuji X-E1 55-200mm F/3.5-4.8 ISO 800, F/5.6 at 1/160″.

Backyard Flower 2