Multnomah Falls Rework

Since I save my RAW files as a kind of photographic negative I’m able to rework them as if for the first time. With me using all new software it’s a learning lesson on using new tools and techniques. I like this example of a typical rework as I have dozens of shots of Multnomah Falls in a variety of lighting conditions and times of the year.

Multnomah Falls Rework

Halloween At McDonald’s

It was fun as usual at our senior gettogether at McDonald’s this morning. Nalani, in full costume, joined us on her break. I got a chance to take her picture since I brought my Fuji X-E1 with an 18mm lens aboard for such an occasion. I think she looks cute in her scarecrow outfit.

Nalani 2

We’re Peaking Our Color Now

Finally, with a week of steady rain, our Autumn color is beginning to pop. O judge we’re a good two weeks behind our regular show of brilliant foliage. It was worth the wait for now, everywhere you go in our area you are greeted by more and more spectacular views of the Pacific Northwest at its best.

Boat Dock 1

Boat Dock House

Clear Cloud

Hood 8x11

I Voted Today

I VotedOne of the things I like about Oregon is their method of voting. They mail you a ballot with an explanation on each bill or measure and you mail it back with your choices. Mail-in voting is the norm here. There’s no waiting in line in the rain while the kids get a day off so the polls can be set up in schools. There’s no excuse about getting to work late or making a special stop on the way home from work. They mail it to you, you fill it out and drop it in your mailbox with a stamp on it. Now where’s that stamp I had here a few months ago? Nobody uses stamps anymore! Nag, nag, nag! 🙂

Just A Walk In The Park

It can get creepy around here this time of year. All this rain brings life back to the things that go bump in the night. There’s moss and creeping vines growing everywhere. The roofs of abandon buildings get a thick carpet of moss that starts looking like there’s something alive taking over. It must be near Halloween.


Walk In The Park 01

Moss 1

OneOne Photo Suite 9 Has Arrived

Perfect_Photo_Suite_9_–_onOne_SoftwareI’ve been waiting for the release of the new version of Photo Suite since upgrading from version 6 last week. I was waiting for an email with the download link and activation key. I just happened to check my order with them this morning and noticed something had changed. There was a link for Mac and another for Windows systems to download the software. So much for that email! I downloaded and installed the new software. It was 555 Megs huge in the dmg package but shrunk to a more reasonable size as it installed. I asked it to clear out any older versions on my computer, which it did.

I opened Photoshop CC first and everything was there. In fact, too much was there. It hadn’t removed the menu selection for version 8 of Perfect Effects. So until I can discover how to clear that up I must be self aware there are two versions of the same software on that menu, version 8 & 9.

Simultaneously the install placed the new suite inside My Elements 13 and my new Lightroom 5. I still haven’t gotten into using Lightroom and I may never get there. If only I could find a local guru to explain why I need this software. The Perfect Photo Suite 9 now has its own Perfect Batch 9 that resembles Lightroom. I also have Bridge CC that came with Photoshop CC 2014. Are you thoroughly confused yet? Me too! I’ll play with all of it eventually but for now I know how to use Bridge so I’ll stick with it until I can prove something else is better.

My photography student, Liz, is coming over Sunday so I need to get up to speed on the software I’ll be teacher her. For example, no need to work with Photoshop CC, Lightroom or Perfect photo Suite 9 when she owns Elements 12. I have Elements 13 which is close enough so that’s where I put my emphasis during the lesson. Of course I’ll show her the capabilities of OnOne perfect Photo Suite while it’s on there.

So much to learn, so many new toys to play with. 🙂 I eat this stuff up for breakfast. I’m in hog heaven right now and will be for some time to come. There’s a 100% chance of rain for the next two day so I won’t have any new photographs until Halloween night when I hope it’s dry enough for some trick or treaters to arrive at our door. We’ll see.

A Day With Warren

It was good to have my best friend, Warren, back from his sabbatical and subsequent epic motorcycle ride across the United States. He has a wealth of stories and experiences to share and what are good friends for except to listen to it all, again & again. LOL

We got together yesterday around noon, Warren’s normal wakeup time, especially when he’s on vacation. You see, Warren is a late night owl with sleep disorders, unlike me who hits the sack at 6 p.m. and gets up once or twice before rising at 4-5 a.m. every morning. I sleep in chunks. 🙂

Warren On Suzuki 800I let myself into his condo since he knew I was heading his way after a phone call earlier at 11:00. He was still finishing his SSS, ie. shower, shit & shave for those who don’t speak guy talk. I had barely started messing with Jack The Cat when Warren joined me in his livingroom. I had settled in my normal spot on my regular couch with my favorite cat on earth. Warren gave his normal elaborate welcome, “Hi”, before launching into our itinerary for the day ahead. This included dropping off his motorcycle for a thorough service after his 13,000 + mile ride. There would be a new rear tire and front end work with the forks. Warren plans on pursuing legal action against another motorcycle shop for faulty maintenance work before his departure months ago. He needed inspections and estimates on the damage done.

SmartCar 5After the handoff of the bike we again joined together in the building with all the new and used bikes which number in the hundreds. Warren had the itch for a new bike and went straight to his favorite salesman, Doug, who had sold him his used Suzuki 800 Boulevard years ago. I was there for that purchase and pickup as well. 🙂 After a test ride on the bike Warren had chosen we headed out in my SmartCar with Warren at the wheel to Washington Mall for a meal in their food court, a gastric delight. I didn’t get back to my place until after 4 in the afternoon. We had made a day out of just running around, taking care of business and talking our heads off. It was a typical Warren & Bob day. We enjoy each other’s company and put up with each other’s idiosyncrasies and foibles. What are friends for?

A Relaxing Day

This is the kind of day I wish Warren will have after his 13,500 mile motorcycle ride around a good portion of the United States. He says He still needs to make it to Alaska. LOL


Warren’s Back – Looking Forward To Jack

My best friend, Warren, just returned from his epic 12,500 mile motorcycle ride from coast to coast. He also managed to travel up and down the entire Eastern seaboard before making a turn for home. He arrived home safely on October 27th with all sorts of stories to tell. I met with him yesterday evening and we had dinner together at our favorite Dragon Fountain Chinese Restaurant. I’ll be meeting up with him again today to help him get his bike in for repairs and needed maintenance. His Suzuki 800 Boulevard did a great job getting him where he wanted to go. He’s been on many long trips to California but nothing like this marathon of a ride.

This is the first time I haveWarren 1_Leican’t cared for his cat, Jack, when he goes out of town. Warren has another friend that was caring for his condo as well as Jack while Warren was away. I look forward to seeing both Warren & Jack today.


.Warren's Riding Suit 1

Warren still has a few days left on his sabbatical before he needs to return to his job at Intel Corp where he’s worked for many years.

Jack 06