And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

I sure wish somebody would take the time to make commercials more interesting. I think they could learn a thing or two from Don Martin of Mad Magazine fame way back in the 60s. He always brought a smile to my face! That’s it sweet prince 2014 is kaput!

Don Martin 2









Don Martin 3




Leftovers from 2014

I have a few minutes left in our year here on the “Right” coast. I have just enough time to post one last photograph taken just a few days ago while on my last zoo visit. It shows a bright set of thriving berries on a bush with green leaves. We’ve made it through another year peeps so get ready to embrace another in 19 minutes.

Stayin Alive

Strange Sighting

Let me start by saying this is my first Christmas in a home that happens to be on the 11th hole of Rock Creek Golf Course. Last night Paul, my landlord and house mate was closing the blinds for the cold evening ahead when he called me over to witness a strange sight unique to the neighborhood. There was a string of 3-4 decorated golf carts racing along the cart path waving to all the residents in our neighborhood. I thought that was pretty cool on New Year’s Eve.

Now I sit at my computer with just a half hour remaining in 2014. I’ve been warned by Paul that our residents will be setting off fireworks for a signal to all that the new year has indeed arrived. I’ve decided to stay up until that happens. Happy New Years all, wherever you are!

Santa Golf

Digging Deeper

Don Martin’s brand of humor was insanely funny. He was, admittedly, unconventional, irreverent and hilarious. His drawings, now that he has passed away, are the things of legend.

don martin digs deeper



Top 5 Movie Scenes

It’s the last day of 2014 and all the TV stations are filling time slots so their staff can have a day off. They do thing in a number of ways. They play non-stop movies or the create lists of their favorite whatever. Here one of my favorite movie scenes from the Mel Brooks movie, Blazing Saddles.

Hard Times For Flowers

I really was surprised to find so many flowers and colorful berry bushes still surviving this late in the season at the Oregon Zoo. There were dabs of color all along the paths even though the zoo animals themselves were nowhere to be seen. The cluster of pink flowers pictured below remind me of Spring cherry blossoms but are actually Winter Daphne. Still, they were a welcome change from the hibernating plants around them. Thanks Liz!

Hard Times

Memories of My Life In Textile Mills

I was reading a post this morning over on Marily Armstrong’s blog at: She had a great collection of photographs depicting some of the oldest factories in New England that represented the beginning of America’s Industrial Revolution. Looking at those building threw me back in time because for 13 years I worked in South Carolina & George in the cotton mills of Graniteville Company and later Avondale Mills. I was there until the bitter end when in 2006 They shut down 13 mills that represented the 3rd largest textile company in the world, Avondale Mills. I was there working for Graniteville Company that had just celebrated their 150 year tradition before Avondale Mills bought them out. I was there when a terrible train derailment broke open a chlorine tanker that was the death knoll for the entire company. So many people lost their lives at 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning. I was in intensive care at a local hospital with congestive heart failure the night of the accident. Had I not beed there I would have died because I lived just 1 mile from ground zero.

The pictures I found for this post were on Google Images and brought back so many memories. I walked these halls for years on midnight shift working for the company’s Instrument Shop. I sat in the Electrical shop’s office depicted below many a night, working hand in hand with the plant’s electricians to solve a problem. I was there.

Sibley Mill #4The Sibley Mill is a historic building located on the Augusta Canal at 1717 Goodrich Street near downtown Augusta, Georgia. Designed by Jones S. Davis, it was built on a site previously occupied by the Confederate Powderworks, and was completed in 1882. While the interior is typical of any textile mill of the period, its imposing exterior is notable for an ornate style variously described as eclectic and neo-gothic. Textile products were produced there until 2006, since when the building has been unoccupied. The mill was built to operate on hydropower, and continues to generate electricity today.

Sibley Mill #3I was there when they shut down the Sibley Mill and later the Hickman Mill in Graniteville, SC. I walked the empty halls with the sounds of looms running 24 hours a day 365 days a year. All that activity is still fresh in my mind’s eye. I was there.

Below is a YouTube video of a room full of old looms running. Imagine, if you can, weave rooms with 300 of these looms that never stop. The concrete floor bounced to a rhythm all its own. Can you see the shuttle cock flashing across the loom throwing another string to the other side? In our modern looms you couldn’t even see that happening many times faster.




Sibley Mill #2


Sibley Mill #1

Don Martin Keeps Us Laughing

When I was a kid I used to love Mad Magazine. One of my favorite artists that drew a lot of the characters that were regulars for fans was Don Martin. His long faced characters were a favorite for me to draw & color as a beginning artist. Although I did not draw the cartoons below I had to show you his unique brand of humor that still has me laughing today. I always loved his homemade words created to depict sounds. LOL

Clothing Malfunction






Captain Klutz

Captain Klutz


My National Geographic Website

I was honored with my own National Geographic website a few months ago:  I have uploaded 45 of my best photos and tried to keep a wide selection of animals represented. The only viewers that are permitted to vote on them are other members, worldwide, that belong to the NG program of contributing photographers. Thus far my 45 photos have collected 935 favorites votes, with a few getting over 40 by themselves. It’s a lot of fun getting comments from photographers from all over the world. I’ve even met, online, two local photographers from Oregon including one from Lincoln City, OR along the coast. We’ve corresponded and I hope to meet up with him at the Oregon Zoo. He said I inspired him to visit the zoo for the very first time. The vast majority of his work involves coastal pictures of our magnificent Pacific Ocean. They inspired me as well although in my case I’ve visited and photographed the coast from Seattle to Fortuna, CA. I hope we can get together in the Spring or Summer.