I’m Not Ready………….. Now

I love taking snap portraits like those below. They capture the character of the child because at this age they are completely open, completely themselves. I wish the opportunity was there to give the father my card but that day it wasn’t meant to happen. Maybe I’ll see him in there again and send him these precious shots of his son.

Fuji X-E1 with Fujinon 55-200mm F/3.5-4.8 aboard. Handheld at ISO 6400, F/8.0, 1/220″ with available light.

I'm Not Ready Now


Dry Run: Hagg Lake

I have volunteered to photograph a Charity event known as “I’m Hooked” the weekend of June 06 & 7th, 2015. I’M Hooked Inc. provides youth with opportunities to learn new skills, build self-esteem and to make a positive difference in their communities as they interact with other youth from diverse cultural backgrounds and learn leadership skills as well as  positive decision making. http://www.imhookedinc.org.

A free fishing weekend in June of 1989 was the beginning of what is now known as I’m Hooked Inc. Will Warren, an employee of the Oregon Department of Human Services,  loaded 20 kids into two vans and went out to Henry Hagg Lake to go fishing.  For most of these kids this was their first time out fishing and for a few the first time out of their own community.  This outreach to urban youth was so successful, that today Free Fishing Weekend is a very busy and happy two days for 400 kids and 100 plus volunteers.

The success of this program began with help from the Volunteer Service Program of Portland Parks and Recreation, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington County Parks, Oregon Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Tualatin Valley Chapter of the NW Steelheaders Association.  Due to the success of the program it has migrated from the inner city into the Metro areas of Portland.  Hillsboro Parks and Recreation has become another major contributor which adds to the success of our youth and family program. There are other organizations that have also come on board as they see this as a solid platform for youth, giving them an alternative to the many negative influences that they may encounter.

I’m Hooked will use fishing as a platform to reach urban youth, giving them an alternative to the many negative influences they may encounter.  I’m Hooked will provide youth with opportunities to learn new skills, to make a difference in their community, to interact with other youth from diverse cultural backgrounds, gain experiences in leadership and shared decision making.  We will instill an appreciation for nature, conservation, restoration and education.

I have volunteered my services as a photographer to cover this year’s event from setup to conclusion. I started today with a scooter ride to the Hagg Lake facility. It was my first visit to this recreational park located just outside of Gaston, Oregon. It couldn’t have been prettier, with a sunny 73 degree day, headed for 81. The blue skies and puffy white clouds served notice of more early Summer weather to come. I still have 5-6 days before the actual event begins next weekend so I’ll probably make at least one more preliminary run put there before sites start setting up next Friday for the big event itself beginning Saturday. I hope to do this non-profit organization justice as they need new photographs for future publications and printed materials. Digital costs nothing to photograph other than the time I have to travel, shoot and process the images. I’m a strong believer in pre-event photos as you never know what mother nature will hand you. The more sunny day shots I can get the more I can concentrate on the people and volunteer sponsors at the event itself.

Hagg Lake Sign

Hagg Lake Sign

“It’s A Bird”

Yup, I actually know this one. It’s a Flamingo that’s for sure. The lesser flamingo is the smallest species of flamingo, though it is a tall and large bird by most standards. The species can weigh from 2.6 to 6.0 lb. The standing height is around 31 to 35 in. The total length (from beak to tail) and wingspan are in the same range of measurements, from 35 to 41 in. Most of the plumage is pinkish white. The clearest difference between this species and the greater flamingo, the only other Old World species of flamingo, is the much more extensive black on the bill. Size is less helpful unless the species are together, since the sexes of each species also differ in height. Glad I didn’t have to come up with that. Wikipedia did it. 🙂

Flamingo Profile #4

Mug Shot

The common basilisk is named for the creature of Greek mythology made up of parts of a rooster, snake and lion which could turn a man to stone by its gaze. Its generic, specific and common names all derive from the Greek basilískos  meaning “little king”. 

When startled, the common basilisk escapes by speeding to the nearest edge of water—and continues sprinting. The lizard runs on only its hind legs in an erect position, holding its fore legs to its sides. This basilisk is so adroit on water because its feet are large and equipped with flaps of skin along the toes; when moving quickly, the lizard can cross a surface of water before sinking.

This is one of nature’s “Bad Guys”. Be on the lookout for them at your local zoos. 🙂

Wanted Lizard

Memory Fading Fast: Send Money

Seriously, I don’t need money, I’m happiest when I’m poor. I just can’t remember the name of the berries pictured below. They’re green now but will soon turn yellow, orange and finally red. I have many pictures of them from zoo visits and have posted stories about them before. I do remember that the edible part is deep in the middle. But, for the life of me, I can’t remember or locate the name. Tisk! Anyway here they are in their green phase.

Berries 97

The Test Run

Zoo MAX Line“Be prepared”, that’s my motto! Yeah, right! Remember last week when I trusted the TriMet Trip Planner online to take me to the VA Medical Center? It lead me down a cow path that about caused a coronary. I learned a lesson from that so I plotted the next trip by myself. The plan involved me boarding a Blue Line MAX train to Gresham, stopping at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland and walking one block to pick up the #8 TriMet bus to the VA Hospital.

This time everything went smoothly. I did a test run yesterday by going to the zoo first, doing my thing and then instead of boarding the train back home I continued into Portland and picked up the #8 bus to the VA Medical Center. I was approximately on the same schedule I need to take June 01 when my appointment there is scheduled for real. I had fun once I arrived because I quickly found the cafeteria and enjoyed a great lunch that included Lasagna, corn and a dinner roll and a diet drink all for around $5. It was delicious, filling and inexpensive. You see this is also part of the plan for next Monday because my liver test requires fasting for at least 4 hours before that test. I’ll be hungry when I’m released so why not do lunch there? Total cost of the mass transit trip and lunch is $7. It works for me!