Best Ear Of Corn: Ever

I just made a quick trip to the Jim Dandy Farm Market to pick up fresh vegetables and Fruits. I came back with two ears of their award winning, best in state, hybrid corn in the husks. I shucked one ear, photographed it and then dropped it in a pot with boiling, slightly salted water. 7 minutes later I ate what turned out to be the best ear of corn I’ve eaten in my life. It was smothered in salted real butter. I had no need to add additional salt. It melted in my mouth. I wish you were all here to try an ear for yourself. Lets see, 4750 ears would take me all day to clean, cook and serve. Come on over!

This picture was taken of the raw cord, uncooked. It may have looked more appetizing after being cooked and rolled in butter. I ate it before I could find out. 😦

Ear Of Corn


“You Will Be Assimilated….”

The Borg had the idea, give a man an Apple iPhone and he is immediately immersed into the world of the continuous need to be constantly connected. My landlord and housemate, Paul, was instantly transformed into a phone zombie. He walks with it, eats with it, naps with it and showers with it nearby. I’ve lost someone to talk to unless I call him, even in the same room. 😦

What a difference a sensor makes! Yesterday’s field test of the Sony WX500 pocket digital had such inferior quality pictures I got my money back, $328, from Amazon. My Fuji X-E1, $450, with an APS-C sensor took the photo below. No need for noise reduction and a detailed, tack sharp image.  I think I’ll just stick with my Fuji X-E1 with my 27mm F/2.7 pancake lens. It’s not as small and has a fixed focal length top quality lens onboard but I don’t have to worry about sharp, detailed pictures in any lighting conditions.

Paul On The Phone

Homemade Spider Repellent

SpiderMy sister emailed me with a solution for getting rid of spiders. She knows I have a phobia about them so she’s offering a fix. I thought it was a novel idea so I googled her advice to discover she was right, spiders hate peppermint and vinegar. Put the two together along with a few drops of dish detergent and voila! You now have an effective, cheap spider repellent.

Follow Up On My Physical Therapy Session

Naked BobYesterday I made my way to the Veteran’s Hospital on the hill in Portland, OR. I had a 10:30 appointment which is strategically timed to cause you to miss breakfast, lunch or both. I fooled them by showing up two hours early so I could eat both meals in their great cafeteria. It’s so good I’m tempted to eat there every day by taking the MAX train to Pioneer Square, walking one block to 5th street and catching TriMet bus #8 that delivers me to the medical center’s front door.

I had pancakes and huge link sausages for breakfast. My bad for getting two pancakes which each were the size of a dinner plate and one inch thick. I actually left a half a pancake as it was too much to eat. The sausage was beyond delicious. For lunch I had lasagna with cornel corn and a great dinner roll. It also came with a bottled drink so I chose water. That meal was under $5. Wow, what a bargain! Like I said, I might be back. LOL

Back to the serious part, the verdict on my knees. The therapist had me standing in the shorts I’d worn for the session doing a pirouette slowly so he could see how I stood and the shape of my knees. He put his finger right on the swollen inflamed spot on my right knee at which time I asked him not to do that again. He also said the left knee was swollen yet I haven’t had pain there in 6 weeks. He proclaimed I had a very common kind of joint inflammation caused by a twisted knee during one of my zoo hikes. He said I may not have even noticed the step that caused the injury but over the next few days of favoring that leg I messed up everything else, including the other knee. He showed me four stretching exercises to rebuild my leg and knee strength and made another appointment in two weeks. I can cancel it if I’m cured.

I easily could have predicted everything that happened yesterday except for those pancakes and sausage. I’ve been through physical therapy before for tendonitis in my ankles and for a pulled left calf muscle. The only difference that time was the massage therapy to unknot that muscle. Boy did I love that!

So it looks like I’ll live to visit the zoo again although the therapist suggested I give those knees a few week to strengthen doing the stretching exercises. As long as I’m in shape for the Washington Renaissance Festival August 8th I’ll be happy.

“…A Shadow Of Your Former Self”

If you are a shadow of your former self, you are less strong or less powerful than you were in the past. That’s the explanation from The Free Dictionary of Idioms. I’m not sure that fits the situation I captured the other day with bright sun casting these interesting shadows of the leaves just above. Nature can be most entertaining at times!

Shadows #1

It’s All About The Eyes

The eyes really are a window to the soul, according to scientists. Patterns in the iris can give an indication of whether we are warm and trusting or neurotic and impulsive, research has found. I wonder what those scientist would say about mankind’s closest living relative, the great red apes, with this wondrous stare? What’s behind these eyes fixated on visitors to his home?

This is Bob, a 10 year old orangutan from Borneo. Bob has a playful calm personality that os delightful to observe as he shows off to the new 14 year old female, Kitra, in their indoor environment. These two have been pair up because their genes are of the same species. Both are in the prime of their life as orangutans live in their 50s as demonstrated by Inji, a 55 year old female Sumatran orangutan at the Oregon Zoo.

Bob 77

Bob Profile #2

Photography Is All About The Light

Books have been written about photography being all about the light. That’s why you’ll see photographers in droves standing in a field waiting for sunrise at a hot air balloon festival or gathered at the tulipfest in Woodburn, Oregon at the crack of dawn. I’ve waited for hours atop the Portland Women’s Forum for sunset so that the golden hour of light hit’s Vista House just right with the Columbia River Gorge in the background. It’s all about that perfect natural light.

So it was the other day on my latest zoo visit when I came upon Shakira, a dwarf Caiman, sticking its head above the water. I didn’t have to post process the natural light and background that makes the photo below a “keeper”. This throwback to the age of dinosaurs fascinates me in any light but given the moody, sinister lighting I captured here she is definitely in her element.

Shakira #10

Flower Of The Day: Dahlia In The Spotlight

Nature’s natural lighting can be more dramatic than any conceived by man. I spotted this stand alone dahlia with a sunbeam isolating the blossom perfectly. I’m alway looking for the right light and this was screaming to be photographed.

Dahlia In The Spotlight