Kitra Starts Posing For Me

It doesn’t take long for new animals to warm up to me. I don’t know if it’s the way I photograph them on a symbiotic relationship that’s formed. Either way Kitra’s taken a liking of me and she’s batting her eyes when I get her in a flattering pose. She really worked it today! Go Kitra, go!



6 thoughts on “Kitra Starts Posing For Me

  1. Morning Bob.
    I adore these, especially the one on the right. What a shy – albeit gorgeous – face on this lovely lady. It is easy to see the relationship you speak of in this gorgeous lady’s eyes. How she does pose for you, Sir πŸ™‚
    I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
    Happy Wednesday to you.

    • Heading for the VA Hospital in Portland this morning. I’ve got an appointment for physical therapy on my both my arthritic knees. My right one is swollen and hurts like a toothache. Hopefully they can fix me up before my renaissance festival on August 8th. Darn that’s getting close now. We’re heading back into the 90s for the next week which will set a record I’m not enjoying. Have a great day!

      • Hope you and your knees find some relief, my friend. We’re going to have a hot one as well. My son who goes to wrestling camp in the morning from 9 – 1pm and then football practice from 4-6pm is hoping they cancel football today – as the temp is supposed to soar – and by law they can’t practice when the mercury rises above 95 – yikes!
        Be well, Sir.

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