Review: Sony DSC-WX500/B

Wow, I’ve never written a bad camera review until today. This pocket digital with a big 30X zoom lens on it is worthless. The pictures in broad daylight were noisy to the point where the snapshots weren’t saveable. This was a total waste of $328. I’m asking for my money back on this one. Look of the blotchy detail and noise in the shots below, even with good noise reduction software used. I’m surprised at Sony for making junk.

P.S. – Amazon is refunding my money. I’m shipping the camera back tomorrow. Too bad I have spare batteries and a charger in the mail!

Street Horn #1

Street Horn #2

All About Weed


2 thoughts on “Review: Sony DSC-WX500/B

    • Remember my first mirrorless camera, a Sony NEX5N? It was fantastic. My new Sony goes back to Amazon tomorrow. I received an AMR with all postage paid by Amazon. I still can’t get over how bad that camera is. $328 is a LOT of money for crap.

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