Follow Up On My Physical Therapy Session

Naked BobYesterday I made my way to the Veteran’s Hospital on the hill in Portland, OR. I had a 10:30 appointment which is strategically timed to cause you to miss breakfast, lunch or both. I fooled them by showing up two hours early so I could eat both meals in their great cafeteria. It’s so good I’m tempted to eat there every day by taking the MAX train to Pioneer Square, walking one block to 5th street and catching TriMet bus #8 that delivers me to the medical center’s front door.

I had pancakes and huge link sausages for breakfast. My bad for getting two pancakes which each were the size of a dinner plate and one inch thick. I actually left a half a pancake as it was too much to eat. The sausage was beyond delicious. For lunch I had lasagna with cornel corn and a great dinner roll. It also came with a bottled drink so I chose water. That meal was under $5. Wow, what a bargain! Like I said, I might be back. LOL

Back to the serious part, the verdict on my knees. The therapist had me standing in the shorts I’d worn for the session doing a pirouette slowly so he could see how I stood and the shape of my knees. He put his finger right on the swollen inflamed spot on my right knee at which time I asked him not to do that again. He also said the left knee was swollen yet I haven’t had pain there in 6 weeks. He proclaimed I had a very common kind of joint inflammation caused by a twisted knee during one of my zoo hikes. He said I may not have even noticed the step that caused the injury but over the next few days of favoring that leg I messed up everything else, including the other knee. He showed me four stretching exercises to rebuild my leg and knee strength and made another appointment in two weeks. I can cancel it if I’m cured.

I easily could have predicted everything that happened yesterday except for those pancakes and sausage. I’ve been through physical therapy before for tendonitis in my ankles and for a pulled left calf muscle. The only difference that time was the massage therapy to unknot that muscle. Boy did I love that!

So it looks like I’ll live to visit the zoo again although the therapist suggested I give those knees a few week to strengthen doing the stretching exercises. As long as I’m in shape for the Washington Renaissance Festival August 8th I’ll be happy.


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