Photography Is All About The Light

Books have been written about photography being all about the light. That’s why you’ll see photographers in droves standing in a field waiting for sunrise at a hot air balloon festival or gathered at the tulipfest in Woodburn, Oregon at the crack of dawn. I’ve waited for hours atop the Portland Women’s Forum for sunset so that the golden hour of light hit’s Vista House just right with the Columbia River Gorge in the background. It’s all about that perfect natural light.

So it was the other day on my latest zoo visit when I came upon Shakira, a dwarf Caiman, sticking its head above the water. I didn’t have to post process the natural light and background that makes the photo below a “keeper”. This throwback to the age of dinosaurs fascinates me in any light but given the moody, sinister lighting I captured here she is definitely in her element.

Shakira #10


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