Best Ear Of Corn: Ever

I just made a quick trip to the Jim Dandy Farm Market to pick up fresh vegetables and Fruits. I came back with two ears of their award winning, best in state, hybrid corn in the husks. I shucked one ear, photographed it and then dropped it in a pot with boiling, slightly salted water. 7 minutes later I ate what turned out to be the best ear of corn I’ve eaten in my life. It was smothered in salted real butter. I had no need to add additional salt. It melted in my mouth. I wish you were all here to try an ear for yourself. Lets see, 4750 ears would take me all day to clean, cook and serve. Come on over!

This picture was taken of the raw cord, uncooked. It may have looked more appetizing after being cooked and rolled in butter. I ate it before I could find out. 😦

Ear Of Corn


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