Homemade Spider Repellent

SpiderMy sister emailed me with a solution for getting rid of spiders. She knows I have a phobia about them so she’s offering a fix. I thought it was a novel idea so I googled her advice to discover she was right, spiders hate peppermint and vinegar. Put the two together along with a few drops of dish detergent and voila! You now have an effective, cheap spider repellent.


7 thoughts on “Homemade Spider Repellent

  1. I knew many bugs dislike peppermint (we use a natural tick spray which includes peppermint) didn’t know about the vinegar –
    My mom makes a similar spray to ward the deer from her flower garden.
    And spiders are the stuff of nightmares – I won’t disagree wit you there, Bob.
    Have a terrific weekend.
    Hope the knees are not giving you too much bother

    • It’s one of my favorite lion pictures. I wish I could afford a gallery canvas 30″x20″ on my wall. Maybe someday, when I’m rich and famous and handsome. 🙂 Or maybe just rich. LOL

  2. We use this combination on the ant invasion also and it works wonders. Seattle has been awful and am happy to be home by the ocean where it is a balmy 73 at not quite noon.

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