“You Will Be Assimilated….”

The Borg had the idea, give a man an Apple iPhone and he is immediately immersed into the world of the continuous need to be constantly connected. My landlord and housemate, Paul, was instantly transformed into a phone zombie. He walks with it, eats with it, naps with it and showers with it nearby. I’ve lost someone to talk to unless I call him, even in the same room. 😦

What a difference a sensor makes! Yesterday’s field test of the Sony WX500 pocket digital had such inferior quality pictures I got my money back, $328, from Amazon. My Fuji X-E1, $450, with an APS-C sensor took the photo below. No need for noise reduction and a detailed, tack sharp image.  I think I’ll just stick with my Fuji X-E1 with my 27mm F/2.7 pancake lens. It’s not as small and has a fixed focal length top quality lens onboard but I don’t have to worry about sharp, detailed pictures in any lighting conditions.

Paul On The Phone


6 thoughts on ““You Will Be Assimilated….”

  1. I am attached to my iPhone 6 but prefer face to face conversations also. If he just got it maybe it will wear off and he will not be so obesessed.

  2. My husband & I still don’t have iPhones/smart phones. We too, don’t even like mobile phones…and we’re considered to be “young”… 😀 That being said, real, effective communication – like penmanship – seems to become a lost art.

    • I’m 66 and got involved with computer technology in 1978 with the first IBM PC. I taught personal computers at McDonnell Douglas, a major defense contractor with 45,000 employees in St. Louis. I worked in a supply office for 8 years using desk telephones. I hate phones of any type because of that. I want to talk to you face to face verbally. Cellphones are not my friend.

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