Predatory Birds

I managed a zoo visit today before the heat set in. We actually caught a light sprinkle and an overcast sky so here we are at 1:00 p.m. and it’s not even 80 yet. We topped out at 100 yesterday and 102 Friday. My knee did really well today after giving it a day off yesterday, I’m still work toward Saturday’s Renaissance Festival in Washington.

I was lucky to stumble across a 10:00 a.m. bird show at the zoo that showed 3-4 oredator birds in our zoo collection. There were two owls, a buzzard and some prey birds for a comic relief. Three ducks raced around a track to get to food at the finish line. It was hilarious see them actually lean into the curve to keep their momentum. I managed to capture the birds shown below. The buzzard flew so low to the ground it startled viewers in the stand. What a magnificent flying machine.

Owl #3

Buzzard #1


3 thoughts on “Predatory Birds

  1. My son is grateful he has air-conditioning and he lives outside of Portland in Milwaulkie, Oregon.
    Happy you knee held up of your zoo trip and hope you made it to the Renaissance Festival in Washington.
    Love the photo of the owl and he has that look of wisdom and discuss. Have never seen a vulture up close before and this one looks pretty tame.
    Good photos.

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