A Beautiful Flower Panel

It’s a term I just invented, a flower panel. There’s simply so much going on with this photo that I find it enjoyable just to let your eyes roam. There’s one sharp blossom, the main subject, that follows the rule of thirds for composition sake. The rest of the blossoms surround that one sharp subject and contribute beautiful pink coloration to the entire frame, ie. panel. I love the soft muted background of warm colors that go well with the bright pink blossoms. All in all I’d love this sort of “panel” framed and hanging on one of my walls. I think something large, like a 20″x30″ high gloss print would be nice. It would be best suited if printed on a metal sheet that has the heaviest gloss finish and makes the colors pop off the page. I’m dreaming of course as I don’t have the money for such an extravagant display. The flower species is a Gaura or beeblossom.

Delicate Pink Flowers #2


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