Zoo Visitor Waits In His Chariot

This little boy seemed so well behaved and so patient as we all waited this morning for the zoo gates to open at 9:00 a.m. sharp. I took advantage of my zoo connections to walk in the off and promptly be handed my ticket without even asking. At 5 minutes before 9 I exited that office out the back door that leads to the ticket taker entrance after the main gates are open. I beat the rushing crowd by 5 minutes. I took the time to say hello to my friends, the ticket takers. I’m just good old Bob to them and they always seem glad to see me. I go to the zoo about 150-200 times a year.

The little boy in this photo didn’t seem overly excited about anything. He just sat back and took all that was going on in stride. With my 200mm lens onboard my Fuji X-E1 it was simple to take this shot from across the courtyard.

Boy With Red Bottle


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