Duck Races

During my last visit to the Oregon Zoo I took in a demonstration or predatory birds. There were two owls, a buzzard and a vulture. The staff also a comic sight gag by bringing out three ducks that were racing on a track placed on a curve. Seeing these ducks race to get tidbits of food was hilarious as they actually were leaning as they went through the turn.

Duck Races


3 thoughts on “Duck Races

  1. You said duck races and I expected OUR version of duck races. In the valley, duck races are held in July at Manchaug. They close the dam to expand the lake. People bring their best rubber ducks, then race them. It’s a hoot. The local live water fowl just watch in scorn 🙂

    • LOL That reminds me of the bathtub races in Portland on the Willamette River each year. The duck race was run on ground in my photo. Ducks aren’t known for their foot speed so it was fun to watch. You should see the lions run for the raw meat slices the zoo workers leave outside for them to fid. It’s an entertaining spectacle for visitors, almost cheering for the cubs to beat the adults to choice pieces.

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