Elephant Lands: Part 1

Creating a better future for elephants

Since Packy’s birth in 1962, the Oregon Zoo elephant herd has inspired millions of visitors to appreciate and care for wildlife. Now, the zoo is nearing the completion of its most ambitious project to date: Elephant Lands. This visionary habitat provides a world-class home for the elephant family and an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Areas of Elephant Lands are open now. The entire habitat will open to the public in the winter of 2015.

Elephant World #1




2 thoughts on “Elephant Lands: Part 1

  1. Considering that it’s likely there will be no where but zoos for elephants in the future, it is good that zoos are taking their needs into consideration. I feel so sorry for them. They were kings of the jungle, dethroned by farms.

    • If we buy what the farmers grow we contribute to the animal’s being on the endangered. such things as ivory or palm oil directly affect the animals involved. Ivory for elephants and palm oil for orangutans.

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