How Sharp Is Your Lens/Camera?

I took this photo today in a light overcast with plenty of light. ISO 200, F/9.0, 1/200″ with my 55/200mm F/3.5-4.8 zoom at 200mm on my Fuji X-E1. As you can see by the original, unedited RAW file on the left I heavily cropped the shot to the 6″x6″ 300dpi edited final image on the right. As you can see this is one extremely sharp image, the kind I’ve gotten used to on my gear.

Bunny Hiding


6 thoughts on “How Sharp Is Your Lens/Camera?

  1. Ihave a canon t5 and my fav lens is the nifty fifty, but i have bene using 75-300 and it is not as clear as my nifty fifty, if that make sense. I do not go out of town much any more to the ocean and stuff, so the nifty fifty works well of rme.
    Going to the rubber duck races this week end and am taking cameras with me. Looking forward to it.

    • THe “nifty 50” used to be the standard run around lens in the days of 35mm film. All SLR cameras came with one, with an F/2.0 or F/1.8 being most common. Zooms were rare back then and to be honest not that sharp.

      • Now it is the 55 that comes standard. I like the nifty fifty so well I bought a second one form amazon.

      • I actually like my digital 27mm F/2.0 the best. It’s a pancake lens that’s so tiny on my Fuji body it make my high quality camera look like a pocket snapshot camera. Since my Fuji X-E1 has a large APS-C sensor it’s the same crop factor as your DSLR. Multiplying by 1.5 the equivalent 35mm film size becomes 41mm, perfect for a runaround snapshot lens.

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