Fun With My National Geographic Website This will hook you up with my National Geographic website. I have always been so honored to be a contributing photographer to that organization. I am driven because of that honor to push the quality of my captures to a higher level. I am consciously aware about composition, filling the frame, lighting, sharpness and focus. If it ain’t sharp I don’t put it on my NG portfolio. I have 80 of my very best photographs of all times there, 77 animal portraits, 1 human portrait and 2 flower photos. This week I took the plunge and posted two of my very best flower shots. The 2nd one of the Chamomile is doing much better than the first shot of a Rudbeckia. The way the system works is that only contributing photographers to National Geography may vote on my shots. There are 400 of us worldwide. I just hit 80 votes for my top vote getter which means 20% of all the NG photographer love that shot. I visit every vote giver’s portfolio and vote on their work.

I get some interesting comments from photographers like, ” I voted for your last posting but love all your portfolio shots! I’m returning to vote for more”! LOL It’s fun interacting with photographers from around the globe. Their gear varies from the best to most simple digital camera. One of my favorite NG portfolios was from a sunrise/sunset specialist. Gorgeous pictures! I checked his gear and my jaw dropped because his camera of choice was a Canon Elf, a credit card sized digital pocket camera. “Gear doesn’t make good photos, photographers make good photos”.


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