Shooting During My Countdown

With my last days living in Oregon counting down to under 60 now I went to the Oregon Zoo with a different mindset yesterday. I wanted to start seriously to begin taking portraits of my favorite animals as if I would never see them again. You see in a real sense I’m never going to return to the “Left” coast after my relocation is complete. My departure date is tentatively poised for the 1st of October.

I was blessed with the ideal light yesterday morning with occasional clouds blocking out the bright sunlight, diffusing its contrasty affects just long enough to capture the saturated colors that come from my favorite light. I took advantage of the situation to take a closeup portrait of our magnificent male African lion, Zawadi. He’s now an old hand at being a daddy, having 3 two year old cubs and 3 one year old cubs. All their birthdays are just a month away the first week of September.

I like the totally regal pose he struck for me to capture. The background was the rough boulders of his outside environment. He sat atop his personal throne with one of his two lionesses, surveying his pride. Zawadi, the magnificent!

Zawadi Profile 3


12 thoughts on “Shooting During My Countdown

  1. Great picture. Sorry to see you are leaving Oregon, but then again I can’t really blame you, the cost of living is going up and up. Where are you moving to? are you going to keep your blog here?

    • My 4 blogs will be unchanged and ongoing although I might have to change something with the “Pacific Northwest Photographer” blog you’re reading right now. I’m moving to the “Right” coast around the 1st of October. I’ll be closer to my sister in South Carolina and get to photograph the New England Autumn.

      • Oh Wow, big Move. I’d give anything to move back to either Texas or The Ozarks on the Arkansas side, but Hubby won’t do it, He’s an Oregonian through and through.

      • The house I’ve lived in for the past year gave me a home for %600 a month but now the owner wants to sell. Can’t blame him as it’s a seller’s market and he will make a pretty penny on its sale.

    • My gals at McDonald’s helped me look up your zoos already. They have all sorts of interesting animals like gorillas, zebras and exotic birds. Our zebras dies and they gave away our Lorikeets.

  2. I’m so glad you could find a new home so quickly and without too much fuss. I can imagine how beautiful the New England autumn must be! And thank you for this most recent portrait of Zawadi. I don’t what it is, but something about it made me tear up…

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