What’s You Favorite Camera Lens?

Fuji 55-200mm F-3.5-4.8I talk about my gear a lot when I’m out shooting. If I show my photographs to someone on my Nexus 7 tablet the first thing people want to know is what camera and lens I used to take the shot. 9 out of 10 times it’s my Fujinon 55-200mm F/3.5-4.8 zoom. It’s what is known as a walkaround lens, the one you take if you can only carry one lens for your camera.

The lens sells for $700 today at B&H Camera, my favorite camera store in New York. For it’s size and focal range, 82-300mm by 35mm film standards, it’s a very “fast” lens at F/3.5-4.8. This means its widest aperture, F/3.5, allows more light in for low light photography. If you can see your subject with your eyes you can capture it with this lens.

The 55-200mm is incredibly sharp. I take almost all my animal, flower and bird photographs with it. I was thinking of a fictional book I could publish titled, “Bob’s World From 6 Feet” because that’s the minimum focusing distance my 55-200mm lens will allow. I use it at this minimum distance as a macro lens, especially when shooting flowers. It comes with a 3 F-Stop Optical Image Stabilization that really works marvelously. I handhold all of my animal shots.

I like the all metal lens hood that comes with the 55-200mm zoom. It’s not the “tulip” design so many camera makers are using. It’s a perfect cylindrical shape that protects the lens well and shades out reflective glare from the sun. That’s what a lens shade is supposed to do.

I have 5 lenses for my 2 Fuji X-E1 bodies, 18mm, 27mm, 35mm, 18-55mm & 55-200mm. I’ve got it covered and each of these lenses is sharp, fast, small, lightweight (compared to DSLR lenses) and 1/3 the cost. Can’t beat that with a stick! 🙂


8 thoughts on “What’s You Favorite Camera Lens?

    • I shot Nikon Point & shoot as well as a D40X, D90, D7000 & D800. My favorite Nikon was the 18-200mm VR F/3.5-5.6. I carried it ll over the SW canyons in Utah & Arizona. It’s similar to my Fujinon version but bigger, heavier and much more money.

      • I used to have the 18-200 but I found it a bit soft sometimes on my D7100 (DX). The 28-300 is much sharper especially on my D750. I also love the 14-24. I think that’s my second fave. 🙂 Thanks for the convo! I love to talk about equipment!

  1. For my Olympus 4/3 cameras, I have the “normal” f3.5-5.6 14-42mm that came with the cameras (three of them) and don’t use them at all.

    Lenses I bought: An f2.8 14mm (Panasonic), f1.7 20mm (Panasonic), f1.8 25mm (Olympus), f1.8 45mm (Olympus), f2.8 60mm macro (Olympus) and the f4-5.6 40-150mm (Panasonic). Of these, I don’t use the 14mm much and have a tendency to forget I have it. Since almost all of my lenses are primes, I switch cameras and lenses more the you probably do, but telephotos are slow. I hate flash, so I depend on fast lenses. Even my big superzoom Panasonic is f2.8 for it’s entire zoom range.

    I’m done now. I pondered long and hard before getting the 25mm, but in the end, I’m glad I did, especially when the price dropped from way up there to $250. It is the “normal” lens I’ve been missing. Fast and very sharp. Now, I just have to get myself into gear and go shoot some pictures!

      • Yes. Time two everything, but the optical qualities don’t change, just the field of vision. It’s a hard concept to wrap my head around, but I finally get it. That being said, my 45mm olympus lens is remarkably similar in every way to the 90mm I had for my big Canon.

      • It got even more confusing when I had the Nikon D700 and a Nikon D800 full frame camera at the same time. I’d get confused on which lens I could share between bodies and what the effects would be.

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