Cubs Near Their 1st Birthday

I’m taking special pictures these days. I don’t think I’ll ever see these animals again after my upcoming move to the East Coast. I’ll be looking for the local zoo and check what the membership costs. Anyway I’m doing my best to grab the best shots I can produce. The photo below went fairly viral today on my National Geographic website, There were 36 favorites votes the last time I peeked. That’s really quick for a single day

The newest cubs turn 1 year old September 7th or 8th. I’m too tired to look the exact date up. I had a busy day and need to get to bed. All the logistical stuff involved in moving across country is mentally fatiguing. I went through drawers and packed a lot of stuff today as well. Tomorrow, after my morning get together with the girls at McDonald’s, I get to make arrangements to ship my car 3100 miles to my new home. My worldly possessions must fit in a SmartCar. That’s tougher restraints than moving into a tiny house. LOL

Lion Cub Closeup #1


Three Newest Cubs  Almost 1


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