Peter Cottontail

Cottontail #1Peter Cottontail is a name temporarily assumed by a fictional rabbit named Peter Rabbit in the works of Thornton Burgess, an author from Springfield, Massachusetts.[1] In 1910, when Burgess began his Old Mother West Wind series, the cast of animals included Peter Rabbit. Four years later, in The Adventures of Peter Cottontail, Peter Rabbit, unhappy at his plain-sounding name, briefly changed his name to Peter Cottontail because he felt it made him sound more important.


One thought on “Peter Cottontail

  1. We had a lot of bunnies until we also got bobcats and coyotes and fishers and hawks. They seem to have pretty much cleaned out all the small varmints — rabbits, squirrels, even chipmunks. And far fewer mice, too — and THAT is fine with me. The mice used to be a real problem. The snakes (yes, snakes, but not poisonous — Garry pretends they aren’t there because he feels about snakes like I feel about spiders) eat the mice and rats. The birds eat the bugs. Some bugs eat other bugs. The bats, sadly, all died from bat plague. I miss them because they ate the mosquitoes. Now, no one eats the mosquitoes, so they eat us.

    Then there’s the poisonous spiders that don’t live here but managed to take a piece out of Garry.

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