Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire: Chapter #1

Ah it was a very fair day indeed at this year’s Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire in Bonney Lake WA. My photography student and friend, Liz Campbell, joined me for the 360 mile round trip to the fairgrounds on a beautiful day, with puffy clouds, a cool breeze and just about the perfect temperature. Liz wore her new festival dress for the occasion.

We met dozens of really great people who were regulars at this annual event. We even saw one entertainer in costume from the Hillsboro Renaissance Festival of 2014. Since the 2015 version was cancelled due to failed contract negotiations the young lady made it to the Washington festivities. We spoke with her and were rewarded with a demonstration of her specialty, a hand controlled animated puppet that sits on her shoulder.

This post is just the first in a series of chapters captured by my camera. I took over 600 frames at this faire so look for plenty more stories before the series is finished.

Lady Knight #1

Pirate With Parrot #1


Lady #1

Creature #1


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