Would You Hold My Doggie?

OK, this is my last post on a slow Sunday. So very many shots of the 750 I took yesterday at the renaissance festival turned out good I just can’t seem to stop processing. I must though or I’ll burn out and go blind. The photo below is a favorite already as it is a portrait of my friend and fellow photographer, Liz. She works at a veterinary facility and owns a house full of animals so naturally her project of the day was to take as many animal photos as she could. Little did she know the variety of species that would be there. There were dogs, cats, horses, lizards, snakes, camels, birds and a few manmade creatures I don’t have a name for. So of course while taking a break and photographing animals she was asked to watch someone’s puppy while the owners stepped away for a minutes. I think she enjoyed the chore. 🙂

Would You Hold My Dog


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