Bob: Incognito

I managed a quick trip to the zoo today just as a way to unwind from all the pressure to get ready for my big move. I relax when I’m shooting at the zoo. It’s an escape for me. I only walked a half zoo circuit because of all the walking I did Saturday at the renaissance festival. I don’t want to push my knees too far, too fast.

I only kept 2 of the 12 shots I took today but they were well worth the effort. The photo below is hilarious because it’s of Bob, our 10 year old Bornean Orangutan. Bob loves to hide under his “Blankie”. He drags it around his entire enclosure. Here he managed to somehow stick out one arm to snag a branch of tender leaves to munch on. I thought the sight of him snaking out that arm was quite funny!

Bob Incognito


13 thoughts on “Bob: Incognito

  1. Oh, it’s hilarious and so cute. It will definitely go down as one of my favorites of all time.

    It’s going to feel a little odd thinking of you on the east coast now, but in truth, I guess I always think of you as a fellow mid-westerner who is just enjoying greener pastures.

    • I’ve lived on the East coast 3 times now, the West coast for the past 10 years and I was born in the St. Louis area where I lived until I shipped off for my Air Force duty when I was 20. I get around but this is my first time living in New England.

      • I remember your telling me you were from the Belleville area, and that’s just about an hour and a half from me, so I consider you a native who’s had the good fortune to live a lot of other places. I’ve had the opportunity to live several places in my life, but for the past 20 years, I’ve been stuck here again.

      • I was born in Belleville, Illinois in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. I went of St. Clare grade school in O’Fallon, IL and Althoff High School in Belleville, IL. I attended college at Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville for two years before entering the Air Force in 1969.

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