My Good Fortune Continues

Bottlerocket 2This morning at McDonald’s I got together with the girls for our normal Tuesday meeting. Joining us for a time was a younger friend of everybody, Tim. In conversation we spoke of my impending move to New England and all the necessary chores still to accomplish. When I mentioned my intent to sell my 2009 Piaggio BV250 Touring Scooter  Tim’s interest peaked so he asked me all the details of the bike and what I was asking for it. Before that morning session was over I parked the scooter in his garage and got a ride from him back to my home where I picked up and signed the title over to him, found the owner’s manual, a good motorcycle battery tender/charger, a spare helmet & gloves. He paid me instantly the price I intended to advertise and he got all the goodies for free. The helmets, both Nolan split shell full faced Italian helmets fit Tim perfectly as did the scooter with its taller than normal windshield. My scooter is sold.


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