Herbie Gets A Bath

One of the places I will miss after I move is Kuni Auto Center in Beaverton, OR. I take my SmartCar there for routine service as it’s a designated service center. For $44 I got an oil change with synthetic oil, a new filter, a complete diagnostic check-up and a detailing. The car looks brand new after 6 years and 27,550 miles. I have top of the line Piaa windshield wipers on it and a set of the best Les Schwab snow chains in my storage area. I’m ready for Boston. Now all I need is a set of skis under her. LOL

A good point has been made, maybe I could just tuck Herbie under my arm as carry on baggage on my United flight to Boston? 🙂



11 thoughts on “Herbie Gets A Bath

    • I leave Portland the evening of October 2nd for a 9:30 p.m. flight to New England. I arrive at Logan Field in Boston 10:15 a.m. October 3rd. My car arrives October 5th.

      • Between the cost of gas, motels for 5 days and food on the road it’s much cheaper, faster and less stress on Herbie and the driver (me) to just ship it by overland specialists for $1,000.

  1. Herbie is a cutie. Sounds lik you have got everything all taken care of for your move including the best way to get Herbie there.

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