The Picture Within A Picture

Sometimes in shooting pictures we bring home shots that are snapshots. I don’t mean to criticize snapshots because 90% of what people take fall into that category. You glance at a snapshot once, it provokes a one time reaction and then you throw it into that virtual shoebox along with all the rest of those kinds of pictures. People with cellphones take snapshots.

Every now and then there will be something inside a snapshot that would make an interesting photograph, a “keeper”! So you crop the interesting part out and process it to as high a quality as your camera’s sensor will allow. Now you’ve got something worth sending to grandma, put in a little frame on your desk at work or home.

The shot below is an extreme crop job. I like the expression on the doggie’s face. The original photo is a snapshot and it will go in my “File 13” but the saved closeup crop will find an honored spot in my keeper folder. 🙂

Extreme Crop


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