Best Friends I’ll Miss

In general I hate to play favorites but I don’t mind putting together a special collection of portraits I’ve taken of my closest friends. I’m saving this collage in my people folder so I can pull it up when I’m in New England thinking or Oregon and who I left behind. I’ve known some of these folks since the very early days after I moved here. Some have taken me in their homes on holiday and treated me like family. Some have kept me company and given me their advice, laughter and threats of bodily harm. 🙂 Some have allowed me to teach them about photography and all the pleasure it can bring to their lives. Some have put smiles on my face and to return the favor now and then. I’ll miss each and every one of them. I’ll stop crying now and post this picture while I can still see.

Heavens, I knew I would forget somebody. I’ll just add a separate portrait of Jack under the collage. 🙂

Best Friends

Jack 06b


9 thoughts on “Best Friends I’ll Miss

  1. Always so hard to leave behind good people an move elsewhere and I bet you are surrounded with good people in Boston also.

      • You are Boston bound – correct 🙂
        You are getting warmer!
        I have a blog friend by the name of Lillian of – Lillian the Home Poet. She’s in Boston. I have a niece and a nephew there too. The nephew graduated and the niece is entering her Junior year at Boston U.
        I’ve told Lillian, if in the future, I make it up that way, we’ll have coffee. Maybe you and I can do the same! 🙂
        By the looks of things ’round here though, I’m going to be rooted a bit – lots of changes.
        Truly the best of luck in your new digs. I know you’ll make fast friends wherever you go.
        If you’re ever passing through NY – Hudson Valley – I’ll put the coffee on!
        If memory serves, you lived in NJ awhile right?

      • I lived in Stockton, NJ as well as Montclair NJ for 3 years so I’m not a total newbie to the ”Right” coast. I also lived in South Carolina for 13 years. The Boston home will be the coldest home since my birthplace in St. Louis.

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