Post Processing

I was talking to the young lady who repaired damage to my car’s windshield. She worked for a glass shop that does house calls to repair rock chip damage. It’s a vacuum system that draws epoxy into the starburst area to prevent it from a crack forming and becoming a hazard. It’s covered by my car insurance so there is no cost to me.

As she worked Heather talked about her interest in photography. She stated she didn’t use graphic software but preferred to get it all in camera. I’ve heard this purist argument many times and it tells me she just doesn’t want to take the time to learn how to post process her images. She’s also new to digital photography as demonstrated by her choice of a Nikon D5300 DSLR, an entry level camera capable of great photos in the hands of an experienced photographer.

I talked about cropping, processing and the adjustments that are necessary to produce good photos. She told me she shot in both RAW & JPG for each photo. RAW file have no processing done by the camera so I knew her photos were flat, probably soft (ie. not sharp) and improperly exposed. The chance of shooting in RAW and getting everything right in camera are zero, not possible.

If I were not moving I would offer Heather photography lessons both with her camera and in a graphics editing program. As things are I simply gave her my card that has 3 of my 4 blog sites on it so she could see the difference processing makes.

Monster Close-up


3 thoughts on “Post Processing

    • Ideally and fundamentally I agree with the concept of get it all during the shooting in camera. It’s not possible to do so in certain lighting conditions. Photographing a tall Waterfall over a dark cliff is just one example. The camera’s exposure system average the ambient light so the resulting photo either has washed out overexposed water or no detail in the cliff. Post processing saves the day.

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