Rant: VA Disappoints Again

I received a letter personally sent by my Diabetes Doctor that as of August 25th she will no longer be at the clinic where she’s presently working. I am sick & tired of the huge turnover in VA doctors. I actually have no primary care physician at this point. Dr. Borrega is my temporary, fill-in doctor. I wish I knew what was actually going on with the VA? I think they’re overworking the short staffed crew, burning them out in record time. I REALLY like Dr. Mari and now she’s gone too. It’s probably good that I’m moving to the Boston area with new clinics & doctors. What the hell is our government doing about this major problem involving vets? I want to know what the political candidates intend to do? Obama is so focused on his damn legend he is truly just a “Lame Daffy Duck” president at this time. Screw the Arabs in Iran, Iraq, & Afghanistan. Start taking better care of the vets or bring them all home.


4 thoughts on “Rant: VA Disappoints Again

  1. Oh man we so relate. We have to go clear to Seattle for what we used to get done at American Lake-that is over 2 and a half hours one way. I have er room bills for hubby that they refuse to pay even though it is an emergency and the closest vets er room is in seattle, and we are clean down on the coast on the other side of olympia.
    I refuse to pay til the hospital changes their billing code to what the VA wants or needs to pay it and if they don”t-they get no money from me.

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