Capturing A Special Moment.

As a photographer I come across these special moments every now & then, moments when you see a “kodak” moment you must capture. The pigmy goats at the Oregon Zoo are the tamest, cutest creatures on earth. Day in and day out they offer themselves up to strangers who have the need to touch them, brush them and hug on them. It’s the only benue left that allows physical contact with an animal. I saw this shot in my mind’s eye before I raised my camera to take the picture. It was a sweet scene in the middle of chaos.

Taking A Nap


3 thoughts on “Capturing A Special Moment.

    • I will certainly miss the Oregon Zoo Carolyn when I move to the Boston area October 2nd. I thoroughly enjoyed my 8 years in Oregon but for financial reasons I must move where I can live on my fixed income. I will miss you and all the staff at the zoo. It’s been a pleasure knowing you all. I hope to find a few new zoos in the Boston area. I’m not sure if I’ll start a new blog or try and continue my old one with a change in title or simply add a New England Chapter. Time will tell.

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