Calling Obama, FBI, Army

Anybody out there? I just got a nasty note from Physical Therapy for not showing up for my appointment August 13th. On August 12th I was in the VA hospital to see a Urologist for a Cystoscopy that only took me 8 MONTHS to get. I was bleeding each time I urinated back in January 2015. I went to the VA Hospital in Portland and spent 12 hours being tested there. The attending ER doctor said my name had been given to the two Urologists on staff and that they would contact me for further tests. It took them 8 months to schedule that Cystoscopy. 8 MONTHS.

While waiting for my Cystoscopy my phone rang with an automated recording reminding me of the physical therapy appointment the next day. I gave me the option to cancel which I took. Now I’m being reprimanded for not showing up or cancelling. Bullshit!!!!!!!!

What the hell is wrong with our VA Medical Services? My diabetic doctor quit on me yesterday and I don’t even have a primary doctor. I called the phone number on the nasty gram card and waited 45 minutes without ever getting through or being able to talk with a human being. Things are very very screwed up at our VA. I finally hung up and got online to VA Messaging Service to write my Temporary Primary Doctor a note informing her of my need to vent. I am not a happy camper right now. Who knows what sort of service awaits me in Boston? 😦


7 thoughts on “Calling Obama, FBI, Army

  1. It is that way all over. I amanita sure who this new VA administrator is going to make things better and instead he has sold the vets down the toilet.

    • I don’t like getting chewed out by a stupid automated system when I did exactly what I was supposed to do. THey, on the other hand, are supposed to render care in a timely fashion, within 90 days. It took them 8 months after I reported bleeding. I feel like a good beheading is called for.

  2. If all the vets who are being treated so shabbily (and it’s all over the country) would get together and take over the government by force, maybe we could get something done for everybody who needs it. I’m honestly wondering if we don’t desperately need a brand new American Revolution.

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