A Crocodile Named Lance

Crocodile Owner 1It’s not every day that you get to meet a Crocodile named “Lance”. You can experience that at the Oregon Zoo. Lance is on loan from a man living in California. As luck would have it I met the owner in December of 2013 when he visited his crocodile at our zoo. In conversation he asked me to photograph him inside the crocodile’s enironment as he had never been photographed with his “baby”. He was scheduled to meet with the zoo keeper at the Oregon Zoo responsible for the care of the two slim snouted African crocodiles on display. I was happy to oblige.

That was almost two years ago and Lance is still with us. I took an opportunity to get some close-ups of Lance as he presented me with a pose I couldn’t refuse. He’s a big boy in a small environment so catching him facing the viewing area and posing is rare.

Crocodile Owner 2

Lance #2

Lance #5


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